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A word from Michelle

A word from Michelle

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Michelle’s News & Views – January Edition

We have had lots of engagement in December. We attended the AVA Christmas Lunch which was a great networking event with circa 250 people in attendance. Well done to the AVA team. As I am writing this it is polling day. Where will this lead, I wonder? Hopefully 2020 will have some direction from our country’s government (or am I being too optimistic?). I would just like to bring a subject up that has had some discussion over the last month.

‘P is for Plastic

It has been brought to our attention that there is some confusion between petrochemical based and vegetable-based polymer. There is a misconception that if the polymer is vegetable based then this is NOT plastic. At NIVO we have been advised that technically this is NOT true.

Regardless of the origins of polymer it is still PLASTIC. One difference is that Vegetable based polymer can be commercially composted. The problem is that there is little infrastructure to do this. If our client requests a particularly sourced plastic we can of course oblige, but everything has an impact.

Thank you to Adrian Pratt of Benders Cups for clarification in this area.

PP – Polypropylene – combination of propylene monomers – recyclable

PLA – Poly Lactic Acid – found in things like cornstarch – biodegradable & compostable

PET – Polyethylene terephthalate – plastic resin – recyclable


Householders and businesses need to check with their local authority to which resins go in which waste bin. Each authority has different abilities. E.g. Leeds uses Veolia who can recycle resins put into the ‘green’ bin 1(PET), 2(HDPE), 4(LDPE) and 5(PP) no black and brown plastic of any type. I was surprised at what you CANNOT put in the recyclable bin namely, compostable and biodegradable plastic, crisp packets, cling film, film lids from fruit trays.


We will be putting more information onto our NIVO Assist pages and as always if you have any issues, please contact the NIVO team.

So it’s just for me to say ‘Happy New Year’ and please attend the NIVO Business Seminar and Networking Event in your area. The dates are on our diary pages at the back of the magazine. Our theme is ‘Empowering Vending into the 2020’s’ which will be a wealth of information on how to keep up with new technologies, latest news on recycling issues and latest developments on micromarkets. Also, in our February magazine we will be announcing our ‘NIVO Supplier of the Year 2019’ from all your votes. Thank you for helping us to recognise these companies that help us in our businesses.



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