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KitKat Chunky White Chocolate

Why stock KitKat Chunky White? Previously voted as one of the nation’s favourites & now here to stay

T&M Refrigeration – Keeping us cool…


Vending equipment is a significant expense – and admittedly, it can sometimes go wrong. Refrigeration units are technically complicated, but necessary in a chilled vending machine. So who do you call when they go wrong? Look no further than T&M Refrigeration.

Billed as a family-run vending machine repair and servicing company with over 10 years refrigeration experience. The business was founded in 2007 by qualified refrigeration and air conditioning engineer, Thomas Frangoulis, and now offers a nationwide service. Qualified and specialising in the repair and servicing of all types of vending machine refrigeration and small commercial fridges.

If you follow Thomas on social media, you will regularly see posts in the early hours of the morning where he has fixed a refrigeration unit before many other people have had their first coffee!

T&M Refrigeration already work for many Vending Operators who are very happy with the results.

• Fully equipped rapid response vehicle
• Jobs done on site
• Repair on first visit
• All sites attended within 2 working days from callout
• Weekend EMERGENCY service available
• Work done is under warranty

If you have any queries or would like more information, contact Tom on 07582 193584, or go to the website

Tyrrell’s new advert for their ‘Best Ever Recipes’…

NEW – Kellogg’s Special K Protein Bar

Nestlé confectionery case size changes


In order to maintain product freshness of some of their single lines, Nestlé are reducing case sizes in Quarter one, 2018. This will result in case sizes moving from 48 or 36 count to 32 or 24 count. The details of these changes are available via your Nestlé Account Manager.

We will also be undertaking changes across our sharing bag range to improve design and functionality of our bags and cases. This will result in some case sizes moving from 12 to 8 count and some reductions in pack sizes. These changes are in line with category demands and we continue to ensure that our bags remain competitive in the marketplace. The details of these changes are available via your Nestlé Account Manager.

Please be aware that this is phase one of the changes and some products will change at a later date and some products due to technical restrictions won’t change at this time.

If you have any concerns or queries please raise these with your Nestlé Account Manager.


Double Wall Paper Cups from Dispo


The new White Double Wall Paper Cups Black Double Wall Paper Cups Barista mixed design Double Wall Paper Cups are now in stock.

In 8oz, 12oz and 16oz sizes these new Double wall disposable paper cups keep your hot drinks hotter for longer, while remaining cool enough to hold comfortably.

In Matt Black, White and Barista designs featuring 4 differing Cafe culture themes mixed throughout each sleeve these cups offer high insulation against hot liquids. This means there is no need to use a sleeve.

Our high quality double wall paper cups can be custom branded with your logo/design.

Please contact Shaun Richards on 07599 123383 or email for samples and pricing

What’s better than 3 Jaffa Cakes?

Nebrak have upped a gear all ready for 2018!

Nebrak have upped a gear all ready for 2018!

With 2018 upon us Nebrak have made Tom Howard the Operations Director.  Tom’s appointment compliments the investments Nebrak have made during 2017 and will continue with in 2018.

From new joinery machines to print equipment Nebrak are keeping their place in the Vending & Catering markets as a “go to” company.

The Nebrak Micromarket is not only competitive but stylish and effective.

Nebrak Micromarkets are:

  • Designed in house
  • Built in house
  • Graphics in house
  • Installed by Nebraks own fitters
  • A complete service with NO outside agencies

Nebrak have Coffee Towers that come with a 3 year warranty as standard.  Constructed from powder coated steel, the 3 year warranty can be extended to 5 if required.

The Nebrak range of vending and catering furniture comes in a massive array of finished that will suit all environments.  Vending furniture is only part of why Nebrak continues to be a leader.  With a full canteen and restaurant design and build service, caterers and operators can tap into the wealth of experience Nebrak has.

Nutella B-ready – Elevenses with a smile


Ensure you stock NEW Nutella B-Ready, a uniquely delicious snack, to help put a smile on your face and tide you over til lunch.

Thanks to its light, crunchy wafer shell, creamy Nutella filling and puffed wheat crispies in an individually wrapped bar. All for fewer than 120 calories.

Available now from Automatic Retailing Northern Limited

Burts Potato Chips accelerates growth with multi-million pound acquisition

Burts Potato Chips’ ambition of being the leading UK-owned premium snacking company over the next five years is one step closer with the news that it has purchased Leicester-based Savoury & Sweet. The acquisition is the first made by Burts since being founded in 1997, and will diversify its product portfolio to include a wider range of healthy snacking products as well as popcorn.

Savoury & Sweet is one of the fastest growing players within the popcorn and healthy snacking sector, exclusively making products for UK household-name brands and own-label ranges for leading retailers.

“The Burts business has grown significantly over the last five years, from £11.4 million in 2013 to an anticipated £37 million (post-acquisition) for 2017.” said Burts’ MD David Nairn. “Whilst impressive, our ambition is to drive the business to over £100 million in the next five years to become the UK’s biggest player within premium snacking. While organic growth of our existing operation in Plymouth is a big part of this and anticipated to reach £70 million, acquisitions of like-minded and complementary businesses will help us accelerate our expansion.”

Burts is privately and proudly British-owned. It has been located in Plymouth since it was started two

decades ago and the company has invested over £12m in the last five years increasing capacity to 200 tonnes a week, as well as its fast growing ‘Better for you’ business at its 168-people production facility.

Nairn continues: “To realise our ambitions, it was clear that we needed to expand not only our capacity but also diversify our product portfolio with new technologies and innovations. Our wish was to achieve this within Burts and extend our own capabilities rather than look at the co-packing arrangements that some of our competitors have used. We therefore needed to identify high quality existing businesses with a similar ethos of quality as us, but who could offer different snacking expertise and format technology. Savoury & Sweet fulfils both of these aims.”

As part of the acquisition, Burts has purchased the company’s 71,000sqft production facility in Leicester, as well as the offices and warehousing facilities on the site. All 99 employees will be retained and the business will be rebranded as Burts Snacks.

Burts’ aim is to expand its ‘Better for You’ business next year to £30m, creating additional jobs and tripling production capacity through investment in additional lines all within the current footprint of the existing Leicester plant. Plymouth will remain the home of Burts’ iconic potato chip, while the company will be utilising Savoury & Sweet’s frying, baking and popping expertise to expand its ‘Better for You’ business.

Nairn concludes: “This is an exciting time for Burts. NPD is high on our agenda and we are looking forward to bringing new and exciting innovation that will challenge the current UK snack market.”

For further information on Burts, please contact Mark Lamble at

NIVO Launch – Froosh. Fruit: Bottled…

NIVO Launch – Business Doctors

NIVO Launch McCormick Fleet Solutions

NIVO are very excited to present to you McCormick Fleet Solutions, a NEW MULTIDIMENSIONAL SERVICE for all your motoring needs. Andrew McCormick has over 25 years’ experience in the automotive industry. He has seen many companies and individuals struggle getting exactly the vehicle they require for their business. With his unique consultancy and solutions he will ensure that the vehicle you require and receive is to your exact specifications. With or without a maintenance package, racking, graphics or tracking – to name but a few – AND it will be at a NIVO discounted price plus a payment structure to suit your needs.

Do you want to know which vehicle will serve you best? Do you want to pay cash? Do you want to lease? Pay a monthly inclusive amount? Do you need help to know the best way to finance your vehicle? McCormick Fleet Solutions can help.

In addition, Andrew can help you to be compliant with regulations and to address matters pertaining to company ‘duty of care’ for employees.

Andrew and his team have the knowledge and contacts with a great Customer Service ethos so why would you go anywhere else when NIVO have ‘handpicked McCormick’?

Andrew is already working with 3 NIVO operators so we have confidence in his service.

For initial enquiries please call Andrew on 07834 543364. Look out for more information and
promotions in the coming months

Disposable cups in vending…Part three




All the different types of cups used in vending can be recovered and all except PLA cups can be recycled. The challenge is to maximise the value of the recycled material. Once the cups have been collected they must be separated from extraneous material in order to meet the input specifications of reprocessors. Decontamination is a labour intensive process.

Paper cups contain a thin coating of polyethylene or polylactic acid to inhibit ingress of the drink into the paper. However this is not the impediment to recycling sometimes claimed. The paper fibre used for cups is valuable and they can be recycled, either into other wood fibre products or into a novel plastic which can be moulded into a range of items for household and business. Trials are in progress at present on the development of further uses for these fibres.

Polystyrene and polypropylene are washed and cleaned before being shredded and added to

material from other sources. Polypropylene has a range of uses. Recycled polystyrene is more limited but is used for making robust furniture for outdoor use.

Polylactic acid cups are marketed as being compostable. While they do break down in commercial composting systems they are indistinguishable from other plastics by these systems. The Bio-based and Biodegradable Industries Association confirms that compostable cups are rejected by anaerobic digestion and windrow systems. It is only economic to collect these cups with other compostable material such as food waste and other compostable tableware when they would be treated in an in-vessel composter.

Compostable cups were used in foodservice sites on the Olympic Park in 2012. The volume of food and compostable plastic generated each day was sufficient to make transport to the composting facility economic. In contrast, one large office block using compostable cups would not have sufficient amounts of material, even with food waste, to be economic for collection.

Recyclate cannot be used directly for the manufacture of materials for food contact because of the risk of contamination. There have been trials using recyclate as an inner layer in a sandwich in polystyrene cups but this process has not been commercialised.

The Future

The AVA is committed to minimising the impact of vending on the environment and maximising the opportunities for recycling. The Association is a member of The Paper Cup Recovery and Recycling Group and fully supports the objectives of the Group.

Automatic Vending Association
The Clare Foundation
Wycombe Road
HP14 4BF
Tel: 01494 568960 Fax: 01494 568965
Follow Us: @vendingAVA

Nescafé Gold Blend Re-Launch in Vending

NESCAFÉ GOLD RE-LAUNCH Presentation vending.compressed

Share the joy with Cadbury Mini Eggs

Red Bull – 3 Steps to Sales Success

Eat Natural Protein Packed

Multiple Marketing Ltd. are pleased to announce that Eat Natural Protein is now available from vending route to market Automatic Retailing.

Our bestselling bar squeezes 45% peanuts into each wrapper. That’s a seriously nutty bar. Luckily there’s space for chunks of dark chocolate, light soya crispies, puffed rice and shredded coconut. As you’d expect, each ingredient has been carefully selected, mixed and baked to keep it as it’s supposed to be.
Simple, really. Filling and satisfying.

• 10g protein per bar
• Chunky nuts
• Gluten free
• Veggie friendly
• Our bestselling bar

Eat Natural Protein has seen 77% growth in total market sales and 49% growth in the convenience channel.

For More information please contact Mark Williams on 07990 064735 or email

NIVO Launch Cloud Everywhere


Cloud Everywhere are a Unified Solutions Provider (USP). In simple terms, this means we provide telecoms and IT services which are designed and delivered to work together, saving you time and money while making your business more efficient.

Over 40% of our existing customers rely on Cloud Everywhere to manage and join up all their telecoms and IT services.

With IT and telecoms technologies rapidly becoming more and more integrated and dependant on each other, it’s now hard to draw a line on where the services start and finish. Cloud Everywhere are at the forefront of this convergence of technologies and we can help you with a Technology Road Map to deliver the right long term solutions for your business.

We don’t just provide and support telecoms and IT services, we focus really hard on understanding your business so we can make sure the technology you use is making you as productive as possible. We can help you get your information on the move, digitalise processes and collaborate from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Lots of technology companies blind customers with acronyms and the technical inner workings of solutions. We believe in speaking to you about the business and end user benefits of our solutions to make sure the technology you sign up for is actually going to be used and add value. If you want us to get technical then our team of engineers and consultants will be on hand to discuss our solutions at a level that suits you.

Whenever you interact with Cloud Everywhere, we want you to have the same positive experience. Our business is built on service which is why we take the time every quarter to review our service levels with you from your account manager, our support teams through to the products we support. We want our relationship to be an open partnership.

Cloud Everywhere MD Scott Pickavance is extremely proud of the services the business has been providing to the UK vending industry over the last 5 years “Although our customers span most major sectors, we specifically have been working within the Vending industry for over 5 years now. We are proud to support technology services to 30+ UK vending businesses ranging from regional through to national operators. It great to see within the vending sector that our customer recommendation score is 4.9 out of 5 in 2017, which follows a similar trait of 4.85 across our entire business.”

For more information about our services please visit

Disposable cups in vending…Part two


Municipal waste facilities are not currently able to separate cups efficiently from other materials. The recyclate has too low a value and volume to make it worthwhile developing technology for the separation so that the effective reprocessing of paper, polystyrene or polypropylene depends on the efficient collection of single material streams. The situation with PLA cups is more extreme. Mixed plastic recyclate has a very low value and the mixing of PLA cups with cups made from other materials makes the recycled mixture virtually worthless.

Until very recently no large waste handling company was interested in collecting post-consumer cups. Companies are now offering a post back service or the collection of decontaminated cups ready for baling but very few offer collection of post-consumer cups from business premises.

Among the few companies that currently offer this service, there are currently two models of operation, the open and the closed.

In the open model, a waste handling company offers a service to vending clients to collect cups along with other recyclables. Each type of waste – cans, bottles, cups – is collected in a separate container which is then emptied regularly by the waste handling company. Although the materials are collected separately the cups still need decontaminating before being baled. The bales are then stored until there is sufficient volume to dispatch to a specific reprocessor.

This collection model is currently available in from Simply Cups. They also offer the option for vending clients to package their waste cups and send them in by post.

In the closed model, a vending company collects the cups, along with other recyclables. In this case the service is only available to clients of the vending company. In this model the vending company adapts their vehicles to collect the recyclables regularly when refilling and servicing the machines. The one example of this model at present is operated by Options Recycling. The model is efficient in terms of collection but requires the vending company to have a waste handling licence, decontamination facilities and sufficient storage space to store the baled materials in order to build up sufficient stock to make onward transport economic, before they are sold.

Click Here to read part 3

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