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How to end shocking insurance nightmares!

Picture this…a people carrier swerves violently across three lanes of a motorway and collides with your driver in the slow lane. Blame is nearly always attached to the driver who hits a vehicle from the rear. In the aftermath of the smash, four whiplash claims are filed against your business with a potential claim of up to £75,000. 

This nightmare was a reality for one driver, but fortunately, the van was fitted with a dashcam. It was clear from the footage that the driver’s recklessness at the wheel of the people carrier had caused the crash, and the dispute was quickly dismissed.

These days, having the footage of any incident will help your driver and, ultimately, your business. Take, for example, another crash nightmare involving a delivery van and an Italian sports car – valued more than £180K. Many insurers still insist on a 50/50 settlement to conclude a claim – fortunately, there was footage. This incident provided irrefutable evidence that the van driver was not to blame.

The Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) estimates that crashes for cash collisions, where fraudsters stage non-fault accidents, cost the industry around £340 million a year. More worryingly, the ABI (Association of British Insurers) warn that the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown has given time for criminals to plan motor insurance frauds, and they’re intent on cashing in at the expense of innocent motorists.

What can drivers and fleets do to protect their vehicles from crashes for cash schemes? There’s not much you can do to prevent it other than teaching your drivers to look out for subtle warning signs, beaten up car bodywork, drivers hiding in blind spots, or no working brake lights.

The good news is, that any driver can now invest in dashcam and telematics technology. As a fleet manager there are many options to customise camera tracking solutions and build a tailored service to suit your specific needs at an affordable monthly cost.

Whether you have one or thousands of vehicles on the road, we can help reduce your running costs with discounted branded and tailored diesel, petrol, electric and pre-paid fuel cards, telematics tracking, dashcams, improving driver training and business insurance solutions. Get in touch here ─ we look forward to becoming your ‘trusted partner’.

Keeping cool on the road this summer – AA tips


Driving when it’s Hot, Hot, Hot and Wet, Wet, Wet

With yellow alerts for summer storms and localised flooding across many parts of the UK in the coming days, the AA is warning of potential traffic disruption into the weekend.

After a prolonged period of hot and dry weather, heavy rainfall can quickly lead to slippery conditions due to a build-up of oil, rubber and other contaminants on the road surface.

And with the staycation season heating up, more and more drivers are embarking on road trips and family days out, pushing traffic back to and above pre-pandemic levels. Those who don’t prepare for the journey are more likely to be hindered by breakdowns, warns the AA.

Ben Sheridan, AA Patrol of the Year, says: “We often advise drivers to be prepared for winter driving but it’s just as important in the summer, too. It’s tempting to throw the bags in the boot and hit the road, but a few simple checks could stop a breakdown raining on your parade.

“Some problems can be exacerbated by high temperatures and if your car breaks down, your air conditioning won’t work either, so it’s well worth taking ten minutes to check your oil, coolant and windscreen wash levels before you set off. Ensure you have plenty of fuel and check the tyre pressures (check when tyres are cold and increase pressure for heavy loads if necessary) and tread depth – not forgetting the spare if you have one and any caravan or trailer.

“It’s vital to make sure that your car’s tyres are in good condition. Worn tyres are not only more likely to suffer a blow-out, especially in high temperatures, but in the event of a sharp summer downpour a worn tyre is likely to aquaplane, meaning a significantly increased stopping distance and loss of control.

“In a thunderstorm water can quickly run off the road, causing flash flooding. It only takes one incident to cause long tailbacks, so keep tuned to local traffic reports and reduce your speed as appropriate for the conditions. Never risk driving through flood water and if you find yourself aquaplaning, ease off the accelerator to slow down gently.”


Five top tips to beat the heat

  1. Preparation is key so before heading off on your summer holiday road trip, do the essential checks on your car. This is true whatever the weather.
    Underlying issues with a car’s cooling system can easily cause problems so check your coolant level and operation of the cooling fan. If your car starts to overheat, the most effective way of temporarily dealing with it is to turn the heater up full and the air conditioning on.
    High temperatures also aggravate any existing damage to your tyres, so check the pressures and condition before you leave.

  1. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a traffic jam with the mercury rising, so check the traffic reports before you leave and avoid travelling at peak times to minimise the time spent sitting in a hot car. Plan an alternative route if necessary, allowing extra time in case of delays and make sure you have enough fuel so that you can keep the air conditioning running.

  1. Pack plenty of supplies to keep everyone well hydrated – not forgetting water for any pets and at least a litre per person – as well as any time-dependent personal medication. It’s also a good idea to keep a couple of umbrellas in the car – useful for shade if it’s sunny as well as for rain.

  1. Plan in regular stops to break up the journey – at least one every three hours. When you stop, never give the car keys to the kids to play with and don’t close all the doors unless you are sure you have the keys, as they can easily become locked in. Download the AA App for advice on parking, access to the AA’s route planner, where AA discounts apply and information on what your car’s warning lights mean.

  1. Where possible, avoid travelling during the heat of the day. Use sun blinds on the windows or, if you don’t have air conditioning, open a window a little to allow a cool breeze to circulate in the vehicle.



and ask for a quote, using reference code 0768.


*NEW* PP Vending Cup from Berry Superfos!




























iPRO COMPETITION – Stock, snap, share and win! – 14th June 2021 – 12th July 2021


WIN a signed shirt and iPRO hydration pack!


All you need to do is:-

a. Stock up your vending machine with iPRO Hydrate’s refreshing Healthy Hydration
b. Snap a picture of the vending machine, the more creative the picture the better!
c. Share your picture on social media and tag @NIVOLtd and @iPROHydrate

d. Follow @NIVOLtd and @iPROHydrate on twitter in order to enter.
e. The most creative post will win an iPRO Hydration Package and a signed iPRO Partner Shirt of your choice! (Subject to availability – view iPRO Partners here)


Full Term and Condition are on our website –

Driving in Clean Air Zones

25. Drive in a Clean Air Zone


New Vitro X1 Mia Vending Machine from Coffetek!

Coffetek launches the new Vitro X1 MIA compact fresh milk coffee machine with patented micro injected air technology

  • This machine allows a wide menu of coffees to be prepared, from cappuccinos to latte macchiatos, as well as other drinks with a dense and silky fresh milk foam
  • Vitro X1 MIA excels with its ability to adapt to all types of businesses thanks to its wide range of drinks and its easy maintenance and cleaning

Coffetek launches its new Vitro X1 automatic coffee machine with MIA technology,  expanding its successful Vitro line. It is a compact and elegant coffee machine that has been developed to turn coffee time into a unique user experience.

The Vitro X1 MIA features  innovative patented micro injected air (MIA) technology that has been developed  in collaboration with prestigious engineers specialising in fresh milk systems, which makes it possible to prepare a perfect, silky and consistent froth that maximises the quality of the beverage.

The latest generation of MIA technology allows the density and consistency of the foam to be programmed, and choose whether you want it hot or cold, thus adjusting it to the tastes in different countries and locations. The Vitro X1 MIA offers a full selection of espressos and fresh milk drinks, from cappuccinos to latte macchiatos with a delicious and dense frothy layer to satisfy the tastes of every consumer. This machine can also produce a delicious froth even when using plant-based milks.

In addition to the many advantages of MIA, it is also possible to prepare tea and infusions to taste using fresh, clean hot water, thanks to the separate hot water service points.

If there is one thing that makes this machine stand out, it is its smart ability, allowing the preparation of drinks to be adapted to each market or location, establishing the order in which each ingredient is poured into the cup, the amount of coffee between 7 and 14 g, thanks to the AZK V30 variable chamber patented espresso group, and specify whether the milk should be liquid or frothy and hot or cold for each recipe.


Perfect for any type of venue

Coffetek helps its customers to create unique experiences for people, which is why the Vitro X1 MIA has been designed to adapt to the needs of each client and each space, offering a wide variety of accessories, consumer payment options and modes of operation.

Due to its features, it is designed for environments with a consumption of up to 150 cups per day, making it suitable for offices, Coffee-to-Go establishments, convenience stores, hotels and service stations where service must be intuitive and fast.

Among the most important new features, it includes a fast, safe and extremely user-friendly automatic process that ensures perfect cleaning of the fresh milk system.

In order to meet the needs of the current environment, in terms of user safety and hygiene, this model allows product selection without any contact with the surface thanks to patented Distance Selection technology, which allows the user to select the product from a safe distance of up to 2 centimetres without any contact with the surface of the machine.

Coffetek is a member of the Azkoyen Group with more than seventy-five years of experience in the development of technological innovations and offering solutions for companies and offices, hotels, convenience stores, transport and leisure, and public buildings in order to provide its customers with unique consumption experiences via its range of professional automatic coffee machines.



Here are the top three habits for fleet managers?

Fleet managers need to ensure that time is being used effectively and contributes to the growth of the business. There are several habits that a fleet manager can adopt to enhance their potential; here are three.

  1. Acting in advance

It is important to address issues that might affect a fleet before they happen. Drivers are only human and behave as such, so they have the potential to develop habits that may be detrimental or inappropriate. Having dashboard cameras for the front and rear of a vehicle can help with insurance costs. Find out how you can be more proactive here.

  1. Fuel cards

Issuing fuel cards to drivers enables the fleet manager to regulate costs, avoid fraud, and monitor drivers’ distances. Many fleets can reduce the amount of time and money spent on administrative costs generated by drivers spending their own money and claiming back expenses. With a fuel card, the fleet manager has total control of fuel costs and expenditure. For fleet managers looking for more info on fuel cards here.

  1. Monitoring the business

Some technology will give in-depth details about how the car is driven, enabling the manager to keep on top of vehicles that need maintenance before any severe damage occurs. Telematics solutions can help monitor driver behaviour. These things may be an added cost, but they can help prevent further, higher prices in the future. The Energy Savings Trust has a helpful report you can view here.


Find out how your partner FLEETMAXX SOLUTIONS can help you create better habits. Visit your membership page or call one of our experts today on 01367 704 910.

Vendex Scotland 2022

Due to the current Covid-19 virus and government restrictions on the reopening of conference and exhibition venues, we have had to make the difficult decision to take Vendex Scotland 2021 off the calendar until 2022. This will allow us to move to a time when it can hopefully be held safely and to comply with Government guidelines. This wasn’t an easy decision to make but feel it is in the best interests of our exhibitors, visitors and venue staff, whose safety is paramount.

Therefore – The new date for Glasgow 2022 is February 9th.

We trust you will understand and appreciate why we have had to do this, so in the meantime, we hope that you, and those around you are keeping safe and well. Once we are through this we look forward to seeing you.

Best wishes,

Phil Reynolds
Event Organiser
M: 07711182888

MONDELÉZ INTERNATIONAL and Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club Announce New Global Partnership

Mondelēz International and Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club Announce New Global Partnership

With Cadbury’s iconic factory in Bournville and the Molineux Stadium both being firmly rooted in the West Midlands, Cadbury are proud to be able to support our initiatives and support our local community. In particular Cadbury are delighted (with the help of club captain Conor Coady) to be able to aid Wolverhampton Wanderers elderly fans, by supporting the Wolves Elders Society, which supports our senior fans, as well as Molineux Memories, a project run for fans who have been diagnosed with dementia.

In addition, Cadbury will also be donating their match day hospitality, game tickets, signed merchandise and much more to Wolves Elders and Molineux Memories members. When safe to do so, Cadbury will also be gifting a player appearance and stadium tours for the members and their families.

“We are delighted that the club has agreed this partnership and are hugely grateful both to Cadbury and our colleagues within Wolves commercial department for their support with Foundation projects,” says Will Clowes, Head of Wolves Foundation.

“Cadbury are an iconic brand known across the world but have always retained a strong desire to assist local communities, and that approach will help us support our local engagement in Wolverhampton, particularly through these challenging times.”

Colin O’Toole, Associate Director of Marketing of Cadbury Equity added: “We are delighted to partner with our neighbours, who also hold a rich history in the Midlands area. We will continue to work closely with the club and its great work in the community, starting with the donation of our sponsorship assets to the local community initiatives.”

Cadbury will also be offering Wolves fans unique access to their club throughout the duration of the relationship through a series of activities that fans can look out for over the coming months and seasons.

Automatic Retailing Christmas Delivery Schedule 2020


AR Christmas Delivery (003)

Caprimo® – New semi-skimmed milk powder




Barry Callebaut Beverages has launched a new semi-skimmed milk powder under the Caprimo® brand.  The easy to use powder has an indulgent, creamy texture that delivers an outstanding, stable foam. With 1.5% fat for a superior taste of fresh milk, the spray dried milk powder has excellent machine functionality and dissolves easily in any hot beverage.

Sales Director Tracy Southwell comments:  “Closing the gap to the High Street remains an important focus for our customers.  Many coffee shops use semi-skimmed milk when crafting a hot drink, it’s important that we provide an equivalent product for our vending customers too.”

Caprimo semi-skimmed uses milk that is sustainably sourced and complies with Barry Callebaut’s VisionDairy Charter.  The Charter sets out 15 principles for sustainable dairy farming across three areas:  Cow Welfare, Farm Performance and Environmental Stewardship.

Tracy continues, “We are delighted that Caprimo semi-skimmed milk meets the long term consumer trends for premiumisation and sustainable sourcing. In recent years, many of our customers have successfully dialled up the quality of their coffee offer and Caprimo semi-skimmed milk can enhance that experience even further”.

To find out more visit


3.Caprimo Semi Skimmed Milk Launch HR

Rangers Football Club Announce New Cadbury Partnership


Rangers Football Club is proud to announce today its new global partnership with Mondelēz International, owner of Cadbury, making the UK’s favourite chocolate brand the club’s official snacking partner.


The partnership will have a strong focus on the Rangers Charity Foundation with Cadbury offering its support for a number of initiatives to carry out charitable work throughout the local community across the current 2020/21 campaign and seasons beyond.


The Foundation welcomes this support as the coronavirus pandemic has created a new set of challenges including the cancellation of its biggest fundraising event, the annual Charity Ball. Now forced to host the event virtually, Cadbury is pledging its support by sponsoring the Ball and donating exciting & exclusive sponsorship assets to help drive fund-raising efforts. Guests will have the opportunity to win once in a lifetime exclusive access opportunities such as stadium tours with a club legend, Directors Box match tickets, signed merchandise and even tickets to the Rangers Player of the Year Dinner and much more, all of which are generously donated by Cadbury.


Cadbury will further its support of the Foundation’s work with the Coming Home Centre, Govan, which provides a vital drop-in and diverse support service for vulnerable veterans and those affected by poverty, social isolation and other barriers. Cadbury will be supporting the centre’s current outreach project, by contributing to care packages delivered by their drop-in service. Our new partner will also be donating its media assets to help local businesses in association with the Foundation.


Naturally, Cadbury will also be offering Rangers fans unique access to their club throughout the duration of the relationship through a series of activities that fans can look out for over the coming months and seasons.


In coming together in this way, the partnership deal celebrates the similarities and shared values of the two brands – bringing people together, creating and sharing moments of happiness, as well as celebrating and supporting local communities.


Commercial and Marketing Director for Rangers, James Bisgrove said: “Rangers continue to partner with premium brands who have a global appeal. Cadbury is an industry leader and like Rangers, is a world-renowned and much-loved brand. We are excited at the potential that this partnership has for both Rangers and Cadbury. As we approach our 150th anniversary year, we are delighted to form this partnership with a company which shares such a rich heritage, history, and in particular showing their generosity to the community and our fans.”


Colin O’Toole, Associate Director of Marketing of Cadbury Equity added: “Rangers is a football club steeped in history, and we are very proud to be able to support the fantastic work the club’s foundation already delivers.  We believe that there is a ‘Glass and a Half’ of generosity in everyone and we hope to play our part in supporting the Glasgow community and working together with the club to help people through this challenging period.”


The first fan focused initiative of the partnership, running across more than 180 million Cadbury products, will be Cadbury’s Match and Win promotion, returned for its fourth and biggest ever year in late August. Fans have the chance to win millions of club prizes, including hospitality experiences, match tickets and vouchers, as well as Cadbury prizes. Check out for more information.



Don’t delay in these tight times……… here for more information on how to



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A recent survey has discovered that the majority of road users aren’t in favour of many of the Department for Transport’s proposed changes to the Highway Code which have been designed to improve road safety for cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders, believing that the changes will instead increase conflict and potentially reduce the safety of the vulnerable road users they are intended to protect.

In the survey, conducted by the UK’s largest road safety charity IAM RoadSmart, 71 per cent of drivers and motorcyclists believe the new proposal to give pedestrians priority when turning into and out of junctions, for example, will increase conflict rather than reducing it, with more than half (57 per cent) thinking this will be a significant issue.

Of the 3,600 web poll respondents, 74 per cent believe that children should be allowed to cycle on the pavement, but only 23 per cent feel that cyclists in general should have the same rights.

Almost three quarters (73 per cent) think that the new Highway Code should make it compulsory for cyclists to wear a helmet, in contrast to the proposed Code itself which, while restating the evidence that wearing a cycle helmet reduces the risk of sustaining a head injury in certain circumstances, stops short of making them compulsory.

Meanwhile, 71 per cent of people agree with the general concept that drivers and riders should give motorcyclists, cyclists, horse riders, horse drawn vehicles and pedestrians walking in the road at least as much room as they would when overtaking a car.

On the new Code’s most controversial suggestions – to establish a hierarchy of road users, where those in charge of the vehicles that can cause the greatest harm should bear the greatest responsibility to take care – the majority (56 per cent) agree that this is the right way forward, but 26 per cent are against and almost one in five (19 per cent) are still to be convinced either way.

The new Code doesn’t suggest any obligation on cyclists to use cycle lanes or tracks when they are present, and a resounding 80 per cent of IAM RoadSmart’s poll respondents believe this is a mistake.

However, some of the proposed changes were met with widespread support, with 63 per cent of those surveyed agreeing with the new advice that when riding a bike on busy roads, when vehicles are moving faster than them, cyclists should move over and allow traffic to overtake them. There is also strong support for every proposal that contains clear guidelines on passing distances, with 78 per cent in favour of the one and a half-metre gap between cyclist and vehicle travelling below 30mph, with a two-metre gap when above 30mph.

And 90 per cent agree with the new Code’s advice that drivers and motorcyclists should give horse riders at least two metres’ space and pass at speeds under 15 mph.

Finally, just over half (57 per cent) agree with the new proposal to include the ‘Dutch Reach’ in the Highway Code. This is a technique which advises motorists leaving their vehicles to do so by using their left hand to operate the door handle, allowing the driver to naturally twist their body, making it easier to look over their shoulder and check for cyclists or other road users approaching.

Neil Greig, Policy and Research Director at IAM RoadSmart, said: “Regardless of what changes are introduced, it is clear there will be a need for a huge education campaign to ensure any amendments to the Highway Code are understood and fully adopted by the millions of existing UK drivers, motorcyclists and road users. At IAM RoadSmart we believe an online resource to help with this re-education in an engaging way would be helpful.

“The simple truth is that most of us don’t read the Highway Code unless we drive or ride professionally, or are about to take a test. The Department for Transport needs to be realistic about the impact simply changing a seldom read document will have on the behavior and safety of road users.”


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Winter Economy Plan – Published 24th September 2020 – Delivered by Rishi Sunak

See the NIVO Assist Pages for further links

16. Covid-19 - Winter Economy Plan - 24.9.20

AA joins World EV Day as Founding Partner

AA joins World EV Day as Founding Partner


The UK’s number one breakdown provider, the AA, has signed up as Founding Partner for World EV Day, being launched by ABB and Green.TV on 9th September 2020.


Current and prospective drivers of electric vehicles, alongside local transport authorities and fleet operators, will be encouraged to recognise the crucial role they play in driving the shift to sustainable road transport and a zero-emission future as part of a day of global e-mobility appreciation.


With most AA roadside mechanics now trained to the equivalent of Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) Level Two, and a third of the AA Prestige Network already EV capable, the organisation has recognised demand for electric vehicles is on the rise. Indeed, AA Populus research shows one in five people would buy an electric vehicle to maintain the air quality benefits experienced during lockdown. *


World EV Day has ambitions to become an annual event and will also recognise the vital role which reliable and fast charging infrastructure, grid reinforcement and the integration of renewable power generation must play in enabling a truly sustainable transport ecosystem. Going beyond breakdown, the AA has a dedicated contact centre with staff trained in electric charge points to help drivers overcome any issues they may encounter with infrastructure.


Dean Hedger, EV New Business Development Manager at the AA, commented: “As the automotive industry transitions towards electric at such a quick pace, we are working hard to ensure we able to support drivers’ needs throughout the customer journey. As part of our commitment, we are proud to join Green.TV in launching World EV Day, celebrating electric vehicles and all they have to offer towards a greener future for transport.”


AA President Edmund King OBE added: “Having first driven EV around 20 years’ ago, and tried out numerous plug-in, hybrid and pure electric vehicles in the past few years, it is clear technology is moving rapidly and there is now plenty of variety on the market for drivers with diverse vehicle needs. It is a privilege to be part of the first World EV Day, providing opportunities for individuals, fleets and businesses to find out more about the switch to EV.”


Ade Thomas, Founder of media company Green.TV, concluded: “We’re thrilled to be working with the AA on the first event of a global institution in the e-mobility calendar. This event will be a catalyst to drive forward a decarbonised transport future.”


For more information, visit For more information about the AA, visit


*AA/Populus survey responses from 18,129 drivers conducted 12-19 May 2020

Business Guidance – England Guidelines for ban on stirrers, straws etc.

Business guidance – BAN FROM OCTOBER 2020

Straws, cotton buds and drink stirrers ban: businesses’ responsibilities

When you must stop supplying single-use plastic straws, cotton buds, and drink
stirrers, and exemptions to the ban.




● Single-use plastic straws exemptions from the ban
● Plastic cotton bud exemptions from the ban
● Getting inspected
● If you don’t comply
● Appeals and objections

From 1 October, you must not supply or sell single-use plastic:
● straws and cotton buds to end-users in England (you can continue to supply
single-use plastic straws and cotton buds to other businesses)
● drink stirrers to end-users and businesses in England
The ban applies to all businesses that supply these products, including
manufacturers and retailers.
If you don’t stop selling or supplying these items, you could be fined. Your local
authority will set the fine.
If you bought them before 1 October, you can continue to supply or sell:
● leftover supplies of single-use plastic straws, cotton buds and drink stirrers
until 1 April 2021
If you bought them after 1 October 2020, you must not supply:
● plastic straws or cotton buds to any customers
● drink stirrers to any customers

After 3 July 2021, you must not supply:
 drinks products with single-use plastic straws attached to the packaging
A single-use plastic:
● straw is made wholly or partly from plastic and is not designed or intended to
be reused
● cotton bud is a rod made wholly or partly of plastic with cotton wrapped
around one or both ends and is not designed or intended to be reused
● drink stirrer is made partly or wholly of plastic and is designed and intended
for stirring drinks

Alternatives to single-use plastic
You can still supply and sell:
● single-use straws, cotton buds and drink stirrers made from other materials
● reusable alternatives

Some paper straws contain adhesives containing plastics within the inner lining of
the straws. These are an acceptable alternative to plastic drinking straws.

Exemptions to the ban on single-use plastic straws
There are some exemptions to the ban on supplying plastic straws. This is so that disabled
people or those with accessibility needs can still use them.
Exemption: registered pharmacies
Registered pharmacies can supply single-use plastic straws. Pharmacies must not:
● display straws to customers
● advertise single-use plastic straws to customers in store – pharmacies can
advertise them online

Exemption: catering establishments
Catering establishments can supply single-use plastic straws with food and drink for
immediate consumption, but must:
● keep straws where customers cannot see them or help themselves to them
● only give straws to customers that request them
● not offer them to customers either verbally or in writing
A catering establishment means a restaurant, canteen, club, public house or similar
establishment (including a vehicle or a fixed or mobile stall) which supplies food or
drink that is ready for consumption without further preparation.

Exemption: medical devices and purposes
You can supply single-use plastic straws for use as a medical device or for medical
purposes, including preventative medicine, medical diagnosis, medical research and
to provide medical care and treatment.

Exemption: packaging
You can supply single-use plastic straws that are used as packaging, for example
with a medicine that is dispensed through a straw.

Exemption: care homes, prisons, schools and early years providers
You can supply single-use plastic straws in:
● care homes
● premises used for early years provision
● schools
● prisons or other places of detention
Where possible, these establishments should find alternatives to single-use plastic

Exemptions to the ban on single-use plastic cotton buds
There are some exemptions to the ban on supplying single-use plastic cotton buds, for
medical or scientific reasons.

Exemption: medical devices and purposes
You can supply single-use plastic cotton buds for use as medical devices or for
medical purposes, including preventative medicine, medical diagnosis, medical
research and to provide medical care and treatment.

Exemption: forensic purposes
You can supply single-use plastic cotton buds to forensic service providers.

Exemption: scientific purposes
You can supply single-use plastic cotton buds for scientific purposes, including
diagnostic, educational or research purposes.

Getting inspected
Your local authority will inspect you to check you are following the law. Inspectors
● visit your shop or store
● make test purchases
● speak to staff
● demand records
Inspectors can order you to cover the cost of the investigation if you break the law.
If you don’t comply with the ban
Your local authority must publish details of fine levels, and when it will impose them,
on its website.

Appeals and objections
You can object within 28 days of receiving a fine. The fine or letter will tell you how to
do so.
You can appeal a penalty if you feel your:
● fine was wrong, unreasonable or based on an error
● non-monetary requirement is unreasonable
● variable amount penalty is too high



Thank you to Adrian Pratt of Benders Paper Cups for highlighting the above information.

Nayax Free Webinar – 22nd September 2020 @ 12.00 GMT


Join Nayax in a discussion with Domenico Paparella, Director, Business Development Acceptance Europe, Mastercard to learn more about the increased rise in cashless payments usage by the consumers on the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as what will be expected as countries begin to open and try to return to normalcy.

We will be discussing how Mastercard sees the unattended business growing, with the implementation of cashless payments, whether they be traditional credit/debit cards, mobile apps, QR scans, peer-to-peer payments, etc.


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CPI Announcement – John Greasley Retirement


New CPI UK Sales Structure


CPI UK sales structure

Nestlé Professional – Always Open for You Campaign


Helping you return to vending, with a little less spending


As the country begins to start up again, vending machines are also eagerly awaiting to return to work.


With more people heading back into the workplace, what better way to welcome them back than with the Nation’s Favourite* coffee NESCAFÉ® and KITKAT®.


We’re providing our loyal independent regional operators a variety of free stock and special promotions† to help make that return a little smoother for everyone.


Speak to your Nestlé Professional Account Manager for further information.


Plus, if you’re responsible for purchasing food and beverages for your company, you could be 1 of 3 lucky winners to WIN £5,000 CASH for the business.


To enter simply visit: and sign up for a chance to win**


*IRI MAT w/e 23rd May 2020

† Available direct from Nestlé Professional® or Automatic Retailing Northern

**UK, 18+ Employee, employer consent, internet access & registration req’d. Max 1 entry/person and max 1 win/business. Ends 30/11/20. No purchase necessary. See for entry & full T&Cs.


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