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HM Treasury – Confirmation of No Cup Levy (at this time)

We all wrote to George Hollingbery about the potential levy on disposable plastic cups in solidarity with the AVA – here is what they had to say! @NIVOltd #cuplevy @CHEXofAVA

HM Treasury – cup levy

Radnor’s Road to Recycling!

Radnor’s Road to Recycling_1

Cadbury – Maynards Bassetts – Christmas is coming! Don’t Miss out

At only 60p per bag – think of those Christmas Margins 🙂

Xmas Trade – 2018 Ad

Geoff Turner of Care Vending

All of us at NIVO would like to offer our condolences to the family and friends of Geoff Turner of Care Vending who passed away last week after a long battle with cancer.  A passionate advocate of Vending and a keen supporter of the Cover Group.  Geoff’s funeral will take place on Thursday 15th June in Stevenage where there will be a celebration of Geoff’s life and the family hope that everyone wears bright colours.  For full details please contact the NIVO office.

Withdrawal of £5 banknotes

£5 Banknote Front

Don’t forget!

Paper £5 notes, featuring Elizabeth Fry on the reverse, will be withdrawn from circulation on 5 May 2017 and cease to be legal tender.

Old notes can always be exchanged at the Bank of England.


Forever Chocolate – Barry Callebaut Sustainability

Food (or Chocolate) for thought!   Forever Chocolate



Guide to Vendex Midlands – Buyers Guide

PV’s Buyer’s Guide to… Vendex Midlands April 2017

Update from the Fairtrade Foundation



Fairtrade Response from PM

Hello Fairtrade Supporters

We’re pleased to say we’ve finally received a response from Prime Minister Theresa May to the petition 50,000 Fairtrade supporters signed last autumn.

In her letter to our Chief Executive, Michael Gidney, she says that her government is ‘committed to creating a trade policy that will work for everyone, including the world’s poorest.’

We’ve now got a clear commitment to ensuring the UK’s trade works for the poorest. But the campaign isn’t over yet.

Liam Fox, our new International Trade Secretary, has already started informal trade talks with over ten countries including China, Australia and the US.

And we know that commitments can crumble when negotiations get down to the details.

If he brokers a trade deal that favours a wealthier country, it could destroy the livelihoods of farmers in poorer countries who currently rely on the UK as their biggest market.

Tell Liam Fox he must make sure our trade works for everyonesign our petition now.

But Brexit presents Liam Fox with a big opportunity to deliver even better trade that brings prosperity to the poorest countries around the world as well as the UK.

Tell him he must seize this chance to change trade for good.



Want to know more about how leaving the EU could affect farmers and workers in developing countries? Read our new report.

Thank you,

Jonathan Smith

Head of Campaigns, Fairtrade Foundation



“We Saw It Coming” – UK Vending Operators react Selecta News

Click on the link to see the reaction on the Pelican Rouge and Selecta news!


Make sure as a motorist you are visible at all times!

GEM: Motorists must be visible at all times

Road users up and down the country have been urged to ensure they are giving adequate thought to their ability to both see and be seen when taking to the roads in gloomy weather.

UK road safety and breakdown specialist GEM Motoring Assist has called upon drivers to be prepared for the darker days this winter by making themselves as easy to spot as possible for other road users.

GEM road safety officer Neil Worth stated: “Drivers tend not to crash into things they can see. That’s why taking proactive control of the lights you use is a good way to increase your safety and reduce your risk on winter journeys.”

Indeed, Mr Worth offered a number of suggestions to boost overall levels of safety and visibility for drivers, including using dipped headlights when it gets darker than normal during the daytime, as well as carrying out regular checks that all of a vehicle’s lights are working correctly.

Turning off automatic lighting systems that switch on the lights when it gets darker is also useful.  This may seem counterintuitive, but by turning the lights to a manual setting, it means the driver can have full control of the illumination of their car – this can be especially important in some newer vehicles, which only activate the headlights in low-light conditions. It is important to be seen all around.

Ben Robb, brand manager at The Fuelcard People, adds: “Visibility is everything when it comes to road safety. It is therefore essential for all drivers to make themselves as visible as possible in order to reduce their risk of becoming involved in a serious accident this winter.”



Get your Free Brexit Guide courtesy of the fuelcard people

Click here for A guide to Brexit for UK Businesses



9 Bar – Your 9 amino acids in 1 great bar!

At 9BAR we are all about super seeds! 9BAR are naturally gluten free, high in fibre and a great source of protein. We can officially claim that our bars will provide you with energy as the seeds we use are high in magnesium. This boosts your metabolism and can help fight fatigue, giving you good energy! We have 16 different flavours available in our range with some designed to target specific snacking occasions. Such as our Peanut Original lift, great for a pre or post workout protein hit. The Cocoa Kick range is a healthier indulgent snack to curb off those mid-morning or afternoon cravings. And finally, our Breakfast Boost Bars are packed with gluten free oats in addition to the seeds to keep you fuller for longer when you need to have breakfast on the go. In some retailers our Peanut Original Lift bar has noted higher sales than some major confectionary bars, a real sign of the times! This is available in Automatic Retail in both a 40g and 50g option. Check out our website here to find out why when a consumer buys a 9BAR they get good energy twice!

Click here to see the range


6 Things People Get Wrong About Fairtrade


Most people are familiar with Fairtrade, so why do the same misconceptions about what it is and how it actually works keep cropping up?

We’ve all heard them. The mate in the pub who sagely informs you that Fairtrade doesn’t really help farmers, that it’s a marketing scam designed to get people to pay more for basic products or to ‘make middle class people feel better about themselves’.

Anyone following the claims made by both sides during the EU Referendum would agree that sweeping unqualified statements are not exactly in short supply at the moment. But it would be unfair and inaccurate to dismiss all those questioning the way Fairtrade works as tin-foil hat wearing types. With a lot of seemingly contradictory information out there about Fairtrade online and falling consumer trust in brands and traditional advertising, it can be difficult to discern fact from fiction.

I work in the Fairtrade Foundation’s Digital Team and over the last five years I’ve often seen the same misconceptions and inaccurate generalisations about Fairtrade crop up online. Here’s a rundown of some of the most common we encounter:



Wonderful Time in the Lakes with Action for Blind People


April 1st – 3rd – Location: WindermereRNIB

As our Members and Supply Partners will know, we are avid supporters of RNIB and Actionnaires (groups which bring children who are visually impaired together for fun events).  Last weekend was no exception……with the money raised from our golf days, race days and various activities we were able to pay towards a Family Weekend which enabled both VI children and their siblings to come along to a Vision Hotel, Manor Hotel with their family.  Based in Windermere we arrived on the Friday afternoon, where we all got to know each other.  There were Craft activities to keep us amused whilst the rain decided to visit us!  The rest of the day consisted of a dinner in the restaurant and then a family quiz organised by John Turnbull, the Special Education Support Officer which was totally inclusive and unfortunately exposed the room to my impression of a monkey (this was our buzzer to answer the questions!).

Day 2 – We met in the drawing room at 9.30am and the children were put into 2 groups for our trip to the nearby Scout Activity Centre where Staff and Volunteers (myself included) were to supervise 2 activities namely ‘low ropes’ and ‘crate stacking’.  I had some products with me left over from the West Yorkshire Playhouse trip of drinks which were very much appreciated.  The weather was not very kind to us as it rained continuously BUT this didn’t deter these young people (see the photos).  Bearing in mind most of the children had some form of visual impairment and a couple of them had no vision at all, they ‘threw’ themselves into the activities (quite literally) with no fear or trepidation.  There were a couple of falls on the low ropes but the children just got back up (wet and muddy).  They were truly an inspiration!  We returned to the hotel at lunchtime and after lunch there was a choice of craft activities or the indoor swimming pool.  Guess which was the busiest!

After our evening meal, there was a children’s entertainer which kept them amused for over an hour!  I then had the privilege of presenting our cheque.  The ratification from the adults and children was overwhelming after I explained the lengths to which we (on your behalf) go to and the donations of products for goody bags etc that are given. I was then also able to give all the children a Kinder Egg which as you can imagine went down very well!  The evening continued with karaoke and I just had to help Karen Hirst, the Children and Families Coordinator to sing ‘Its Raining Men’!

Day 3 – We went for a wonderful family walk in the glorious sunshine around Tarn Hows for an hour and then ended the weekend with lunch back at the hotel.

A very big thank  you to everyone who helps us raise this money.  I see first hand when I volunteer how this money is spent and the lives it changes.

by Michelle Hefferon – NIVO Business Manager

Fairtrade Fortnight is here!! 29 Feb – 13 Mar 2016

Let’s wake the UK up to the sad fact that many of the people behind our breakfasts don’t earn enough to feed themselves or their families.

Make your breakfast count!

How Fairtrade Supports Farmers to Feed Their Families

Meat Available 24/7

New Paris butcher’s meat vending machine.  Fancy a steak on your way home from a night out???


Click here for full story

NIVO and NIVO Supply Partners Support RNIB

NIVO were again delighted to be able to support a special day out at West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds, on 26th January, organised by RNIB and Action for Blind People. The visually impaired children, their siblings, parents and carers were able to experience a special audio description of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, sponsored by NIVO from the money raised at our auctions and raffles at recent events.  We were also able to give each child a ‘goody bag’ from the kind donations of some of our Supply Partners.

Michelle Hefferon,  Business Manager at NIVO attended the event and was able to meet some of the children.  The day began with the children dressing up in costumes from the play,  followed by lunch.  Once seated in the theatre the magical performance began included Chitty Chitty Bang Bang flying on stage to the delights of the children.  However when the ‘child catcher’ came out there were some apprehensive noises all credit to the actor!

Each child also received a memento of the occasion so that they could take a small Chitty Chitty Bang Bang home with them.

Michelle said; “We are only too pleased to be able to support this event. We look forward to being able to continue to do so with the support of our members and supply partners who help us to raise the much appreciated funds to do so”. NIVO extend their thanks to Purity, Mars, Ferrero, Barrs, ARN, Birchalls, Burts, Britvic, Fruit Bowl, Mondelez, Coca Cola, Coffetek, RPC, Tayto, Furniss, N&W, Kelloggs, Blakemore Wholesale, More Drinks, Barry Callebaut, Seabrooks and Weetabix who supported the goody bags and also enabled to support some of the the future Actionnaires events

.chitty17 chitty20 chitty22 chitty24 chitty25 goody bags

Big Chat with Monkey

Is your first choice PG tips?




Top Tips for Preparing Your Car/Van for Winter

pic of car snow

Essential Free Guide

The Fuelcard People is proud to present a new free guide that all drivers planning journeys during the coming winter months should make use of.

Entitled “Top Tips for Preparing Your Car for Winter”, the guide offers invaluable advice to the nation’s car owners across a wide range of topics that become increasingly pertinent as the colder months take hold and driving conditions become more hazardous for all.

The guide is available here and includes all manner of useful information, including examining the myriad dangers of driving during winter, essential steps in winter car maintenance, how motorists can make sure their car is ready to meet the rigours of the winter months, and much more.

Available for free download, the guide also offers a list of simple dos and don’ts that could make taking to the roads over the coming months less dangerous for all travellers.

Furthermore, the new guide offers helpful tips on how our expert team can help with duty of care compliance, as well as providing valuable insight into the dangers to watch out for this winter when taking to the roads.

You need NIVO!

09 Michelle cropped 20 Ben cropped

Click the following link to read more!

New in Vendings orbit? You need NIVO!

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