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Tyrrells Hand Cooked Crisps

Tyrrells Hand Cooked Crisps

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Vending in Hospitals – Complying with NHS Requirements

The NHS encourages hospitals to improve aspects of their work by offering financial incentives under a scheme known as “Commissioning for Quality and Innovation” (CQUIN). One of the aspects covered in the “improving staff health and wellbeing” section in the CQUIN for 2017-19 is the provision of healthy food for staff, visitors and patients.

The requirements for this will apply to all sites providing food in hospitals, including cafés, shops, kiosks, patient meals and drinks, and more importantly to us – vending machines.

The CQUIN for 2016/17 banned the advertising and promotion of products high in salt, fat, and sugar from all points of sale in hospitals. It also required that healthy options be available at all times for those working nights. The CQUIN for 2017/18 builds on this by requiring that:

• 70% of drinks lines must be sugar free (less than 5 grams of sugar per 100ml)

• 60% of confectionery does not exceed 250 calories

• At least 60% of sandwiches and other savoury products contain 400 kcal or less and less than 5g saturated fat per 100g

In the CQUIN for 2018/19 the above figures are increased to 80%, 80%, and 75% respectively.

The definition of drinks includes water, fruit drinks, and milk drinks. They must not contain more than 5% added sugar but the sugar naturally present in fruit drinks is not included. Milk drinks are allowed to contain up to 10% added sugar. Many manufacturers have already responded to the demand for lower sugar products and a wide range of products that comply with this requirement are already available.

Many confectionery manufacturers have changed the size of their products to fall under the 250kcal limit.

Sandwich’s may present more of a challenge depending on where these are sourced from. Major sandwich providers are already offering sandwiches which contain fewer than the 400kcal per serving requirement.

Several news outlets recently reported the story that “NHS bans sale of ‘super-size’ chocolate bars and sweets”. The vending industry continues to be required to follow the requests of the client. If you need some inspiration on healthier options contact us in the office!

Vendman Acquired By Vianet: ‘I’m Very Proud’, Says MD Rob Little.

After 25 years serving the UK vending industry, Vendman has announced that it has been acquired by Vianet.

‘The acquisition of Vendman by Vianet creates an unbeatable wealth of knowledge, product range and technological expertise that our new combined team will take forward to deliver a complete end to end solution incorporating telemetry, contactless payments, real time data, operational vending management and business information and insight’, Vendman MD Rob Little said.

Vianet MD Matt Lane agreed: ‘I’m hugely excited by the acquisition of Vendman. With over 20 years of experience in their relative fields of expertise, Vendman and Vianet, as a single company, will provide a proven and unbeatable range of software and technology solutions that will enable customers to drive both growth and efficiency in their day to day operations.’

Going forward as ‘the vending arm of Vianet Group plc’, Vendman will be supported by the largest combined team in the UK to be dedicated to providing exceptional service across all aspects of vending management and software.

‘I’m extremely proud that Vendman has become part of the Vianet Group and I’m looking forward to driving our joint objectives delivered through our common values’, Rob said. ‘I would like to personally thank NIVO all members for your support over the last 25 years and assure you that we’re looking forward to sharing all new and exciting innovations with you in the coming months!

7 things you can do now to prevent winter flood damage to your business

At least 16,000 homes and businesses were flooded during the winter of 2015-16, and this winter is supposed to be worse. Britain is expected to experience record winter rain, according to the Met Office. What’s more, according to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, 300,000 commercial properties are at risk for flooding. Therefore, it’s essential that you protect your business.

Even though floods cannot be completely avoided, there are preventive measures that you can take now to minimise damage to your business:

1. Sign up for alerts from the Environment Agency, the National Resources Wales or the Scottish Environment Protection Agency to receive timely flood warning messages.
2. Conduct a thorough risk assessment of the premises to identify potential at-risk areas.
3. For any risks identified, devise and implement an appropriate solution.
4. Purchase removable flood barriers to prevent flooding around doors and windows.
5. Have non-return valves installed on both drains as well as inlet and outlet water pipes.
6. Provide your employees with flood safety training, which should include how to shut off your building’s gas, electricity and water.
7. Develop a flood contingency plan with your suppliers and clients.

Create a comprehensive flood plan. While your plan will be unique to your business, it should at least include the following:

• A list of important contact information, including Floodline (0845 988 1188) and any additional flood warning systems, building services, suppliers and evacuation contacts.
• A map showing locations of supplies, protective materials and shut-off points.
• An outline of basic strategies for protecting property, ensuring health and safety, minimising business disruptions and facilitating recovery.
• Procedural checklists for staff to use during a flood.

If you want to get insured for flood damage, contact your nearest CLEAR office and we will be happy to help:
London: 020 7280 3450
Cranleigh: 01483 274792
Leamington: 01926 420 555
Spalding: 01775 716570


NIVO Launch – MTN Products

MTN Products, since its inception in 1988 has been dedicated in providing superior water dispensing products, coolers and total beverage systems. Which deliver the tools our customers need to succeed and build their businesses. Our passion is reflected in our commitment to develop new technologies that are able to heighten the value, durability and end user experience of our products.

Currently, our water dispensing and total beverage solutions are distributed through a range of channels: Bottle Water (BW) Companies, Point of Use (POU) filtration dealers and Office Coffee Service (OCS) dealers. Our products are manufactured to the highest standards of quality, safety and hygiene under the supervision of our quality control and engineering staff based in our state-of-the-art production facility in Asia. MTN Products is also fully committed to being a leading force in the industry and helping to drive its direction in a way that benefits everyone. We are active members of many organisations and associations dedicated to water quality and the advancement of our industry globally. Eddie Roberts, National Sales Manager comments; “As a trade-only organisation, I truly believe that at MTN Products we can fill the gap in the market, which market consolidation earlier this year has created.”

MTN Products, has an innovative product range, selected for the UK market is an entry level Inspiration available as a BW and POU cooler, the Horizons 3Gg POU cooler; the workhorse of the range, the Horizons 3G POU cooler with or without Sip ozone inside and the Aquacafé R a BW or POU cooler which also brews coffee using Keurig pods.

Our selected range will be showcased at Vendex in Manchester this November.

November, will also see the opening of the new warehouse and distribution centre, serving the UK market for the first time in more than a decade. Our commitment to NIVO Group members is order fulfilment within 48 hours to you or directly to your customer.
For more information contact Eddie Roberts, National Sales Manager on 07967 042370 or

SUZOHAPP to exhibit at Vendex North in Manchester

SUZOHAPP took a prominent position at Vendiberica in Madrid between the 18th and 20th of October.

“Vendiberica was an excellent show! The market is rewarding our innovative approach and strong customer support,” stated Luis Fernandez, SUZOHAPP Sales Manager in Spain.
Next week, SUZOHAPP hopes to recreate their strong performance at Vendiberica by exhibiting at Vendex North, the premier event for the UK vending industry that will take place in Manchester on 7th November.
For coin recycling technology, SUZOHAPP will display its 6-tube Currenza C², the only solution in the market with Payout Redundancy Protection (PRP). The PRP technology incorporates 3 separate motors to reduce downtime and guarantee continued coin pay-out security. For applications where only coin-in is required, the Comestero RM5 electronic coin validator is the ideal solution, with its over one and a half million units sold worldwide.
For cashless payment technology, the WorldKey solutions will be the biggest highlight on the stand. WorldKey is the most complete cashless range in the market thanks to 5 different models to satisfy the specific needs of operators and 3 reading heads able to accept keys, cards, tags and stickers in a secure and easy way. Visitors will learn more about the WorldKey Loyalty platform, an on-line solution that allows operators to communicate directly with end users and develop loyalty programs. Furthermore, SUZOHAPP will showcase the P68 cashless payment terminal that has been specifically developed for the vending industry. The P6 series is fully compatible with the WorldKey cashless range and promises faster transactions of between only 3 to 5 seconds. Payment can be made using contactless, chip or magnetic stripe, as well as through a smartphone using Apple Pay or Samsung Pay.



Finally, a significant focus will be put on the SCAN COIN back-office solutions, including the DTC-9 coin sorter and the SC-8220 multi-currency banknote counter.

“We appreciate the wave of great feedback from the Spanish tradeshow! We are looking forward to welcoming all Vendex attendees at Booth F15,” commented Nick Norris, Sales and Technical Manager UK and Ireland at SUZOHAPP.

SUZOHAPP is a technology company providing software and hardware for cash handling automation and self-service solutions to more than 25,000 customers throughout the world. SUZOHAPP’s technology enables automation for customers operating in a variety of end markets, including retail, transportation, gaming, banking, vending and amusement. SUZOHAPP’s solutions include cash deposit, recycling, processing and payment systems as well as a broad range of self-service component technologies. The brands of SCAN COIN, Comestero and CashComplete™ are united under the SUZOHAPP Company. SUZOHAPP’s more than 1,100 employees operate in 19 countries and its dealer network covers more than 100 countries. More information is available at SUZOHAPP is owned by affiliates of ACON Investments, L.L.C., a Washington, D.C.- based international private equity investment firm that has responsibility for managing approximately $4.4 billion of capital. For more information, visit

Press contact:
Stella Burgi | SUZOHAPP EMEA Marketing Manager | + 39 335 8780544

Investing in the future – Van Houten brand achieves 100% certification

Leading hot drinks manufacturer, Barry Callebaut Beverages UK’s premium brand, Van Houten is now completely UTZ Cocoa certified, with all packaging to show the certification by Spring 2018.

As part of parent company Barry Callebaut’s strategy to target 100 per cent sustainable ingredients in all of its products by 2025, the UTZ Cocoa certification reflects the manufacturer’s support for sustainable farming and reassures all those who buy Van Houten branded products that the goods contain cocoa that has been farmed and sourced with a respect for people and the planet.

Head of sales for Barry Callebaut Beverages in the UK, Paula Bentley comments: “Origin and provenance have become of singular, over-riding importance in the hot chocolate and cocoa market and our customers expect the beans used in our luxury products to have been grown by farmers who have been trained to implement better farming practices.

“Barry Callebaut has worked tirelessly to help make these practices the norm and we are delighted that the Van Houten brand is now able to fully claim this certification.”

The Van Houten selection, which includes fairtrade, low sugar and white chocolate, sits at the pinnacle of the company’s product range. It is renowned for providing an indulgent and authentic chocolate drink with a conscience, thanks to its fairtrade credentials and Barry Callebaut’s well-documented commitment to sustainability.

Last year, Barry Callebaut strengthened its sustainability positioning with a manifesto, ‘Forever Chocolate’, outlining a series of promises to target 100 per cent sustainable chocolate by 2025. The Group’s pledges include eradicating child labour from the supply chain, lifting more than 500,000 cocoa farmers out of poverty, being carbon and forest positive and using 100 per cent sustainable products in all of the company’s ingredients. It is currently working with governments, NGOs, consumers and customers to find solutions to the challenges posed in the supply chain and to make ‘Forever Chocolate’ a reality.

Barry Callebaut Beverages supplies a full range of popular products to the UK and wider European markets. For further information on the company and its products, log on to or call 01244 370500

How It’s Made – Kettle Chips

The Big Biscuit Box from Nestlé

Nestle Big Biscuit Box - Festive 2017

Kettle Foods announces acquisition of Cornpoppers



Kettle Foods Ltd is pleased to announce that it has completed the acquisition of Cornpoppers Ltd – a UK popcorn producer based in Wednesbury in the West Midlands.

Cornpoppers Ltd was established in 1979 and is a privately owned family business supplying high quality branded and private

label popcorn products to retailers and wholesalers.

The UK popcorn market remains one of the fastest growing categories within the UK snack food industry, growing by 10% over the last year as consumers increasingly seek out lighter snacking options.

In 2016 Kettle Foods Ltd completed its acquisition of Metcalfe’s skinny popcorn® – joining the UK’s favourite premium chips with another leading premium brand – reflecting the company’s ambition to build a portfolio of snack brands and evolve into a more widely based premium snacking leader in Europe.

The team at Kettle Foods continue to be excited by the growth of the popcorn category in the UK and recognise the importance that customers place on differentiated brand positioning, excellent product quality and reliable customer service. The addition of Cornpoppers to the Kettle Foods’ family represents a further commitment to meet the high expectations of customers and consumers alike, and to the long term future of the popcorn category.

Ashley Hicks, Kettle Foods Managing Director, commented “The acquisition of Cornpoppers Ltd is the next exciting step in our transition to build Kettle Foods into a dynamic European snack foods business. We’re confident that this will create more opportunities with our trade partners in jointly evolving the full potential of the popcorn category and look forward to welcoming the team at Cornpoppers to Kettle Foods and working with them on making great tasting popcorn.”

Balvinder Nijjar, previous owner of Cornpoppers, commented “With the support and expertise of the Kettle Foods’ team, I am delighted about the opportunity for Cornpoppers to expand and bring our snacking talents together.”


For more press information or images contact Louisa Grant at Kettle Foods

Tel: 01603 744788 or email:

Source: Nielsen data to 15th July 2017

About Kettle Foods Ltd:

Kettle Foods, producer of KETTLE® Chips, was established in 1978 in Oregon, USA and came to Britain ten years later. KETTLE® is the UK’s leading premium crisp brand. In August 2016, Kettle Foods acquired Metcalfe’s skinny® – a premium popcorn brand which has always been known for innovation. For more information visit  and

About Cornpoppers Ltd:

Established in 1979, Cornpoppers has evolved from a food machinery manufacturer to a popcorn producer. The company works closely with its customers and has been awarded ‘AA’ grade accreditation by the British Retail Consortium. For more information visit

Invitation to the NIVO Seminar in Wolverhampton


The final NIVO Seminar of 2017 has proven extremely popular, it is now full for NIVO Supplier members.  There are however still spaces available for our NIVO Operator Members. Can you join us at Wolverhampton Racecourse on 29th November 2017?

The seminar theme is ‘Managing Change’

You will hear from some of our Supplier Members and their views on the changes that have or will affect the vending industry. 

You will also be able to meet with some of our Supplier Members who will be happy to discuss their products &  services.

As a thank you for your support we would like to invite you for a meal and an afternoon at the races.  This is all complimentary to our Operator Members.

EBC Technology Suite, Wolverhampton Racecourse

09:00 Tea/coffee, breakfast sandwich & networking – Meet some of our Supplier Members (new & established)

10:00 – Introduction & welcome

10:05 – Presentations – An insight into what is happening in the Vending Industry

11:15 – Q & A – Close

Complimentary Lunch  – Horizon Restaurant

12:00 – Three course lunch & glass of wine, beer or soft drink

12:15 – First race approx.

15:25 – Last race approx.

Racecourse Dress Code: Smart Casual (No torn denim or sports shirts)

Venue Address: Wolverhampton Racecourse, Dunstall Park, Wolverhampton, WV6 0PE

Nearest train station: Wolverhampton

All we ask from you is to confirm you will attend.

Phone: 0113 281 0299

Exclusive Deal for Vending Customers on Toblerone…

Power Your Day with Purdey’s

Unilever has Acquired the Organic Herbal Tea Business, Pukka Herbs Limited

Pukka Herbs Ltd was founded in 2001 by Tim Westwell and Sebastian Pole. With 100% certified, organic and ethically sourced ingredients, Pukka’s health and wellness philosophy centres around benefitting people, plants and planet. This represents a clear synergy with  Unilever’s own sustainable living plan.

The pioneering British brand has a turnover of over £30m and growth of around 30%. It is also growing rapidly across Europe and the US. According to Euromonitor 2016, Pukka is the fastest growing organic tea company in the world. The herbal, fruit and green tea market is currently worth €1.6bn* which trends suggest will become even more prominent globally in the future. Unilever’s Refreshment Category President, Kevin Havelock, said: “Pukka has strong values and a clear purpose that aligns fully with our own sustainable growth model. There’s a clear strategic, philosophical and cultural fit for us.”

“Both of us believe in business being a force for good in society. Tim and Sebastian have cultivated Pukka into a successful business without compromising their ingredients or their ideals. The acquisition strengthens our tea business, addressing a gap in our portfolio. Pukka is a premium player in the natural, organic, health and wellness segment which is fast-growing, attractive and scalable. We look forward to bringing Pukka to even more consumers.”

Tim Westwell, Pukka co-founder and CEO said: “From day one, our mission was to connect more people with the incredible power of plants and herbs. Sixteen years later, with 1.5 billion Pukka teas enjoyed, we’ve made huge progress – and it’s just the beginning.”

Sebastian Pole, Pukka co-founder and Master Herbsmith said:
“Choosing Unilever came down to two fundamentals: scale and sustainability. It is a leader in social and environmental change and it wholeheartedly embraces Pukka’s beliefs. So, there’s a meeting of values. Pukka will remain 100% organic and a champion for fair trading through pioneering schemes like Fair for Life, and continue to donate 1% of its sales to global environmental charities. With Unilever, we have new levels of reach and opportunity.”


Nestlé Professional introduces its very first 500g limited edition tins for the workplace: ‘What Brightens Your Morning?’ and ‘Spark 2.0’ from the Azera By Design range. The iconic tin designs were developed by students from the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) in partnership with Nestlé Professional and TWELVE Agency.

The collaboration put the students and their designs at the heart of the campaign – an opportunity for up-and-coming designers to showcase their talent in a real-world setting. For their creative process, the students took inspiration from the world around them and worked to the theme of positivity.

Purvaja Patel, student designer of ‘What Brightens Your Morning?’ said: “The inspiration came from how I perceived a morning in an urban city. In this busy world, our lives have become monotonous and grey. I think that a little bit of colour would go a long way, giving that much-needed boost to our mornings.”

With this new campaign Nestlé Professional aims to invigorate the category – elevating its Azera By Design tins to a league of their own: engaging with consumers and giving businesses everywhere the choice of bold designs that enliven the workplace.






That’s not to say things haven’t changed here over the years. Take our name for example – we were plain Tedeco when we opened for business in 1992. Five years later we were acquired by the RPC Group and named RPC Tedeco. Then in 1998, when RPC purchased the packaging disposables division of Gizeh, we became RPC Tedeco-Gizeh, the name we have stuck with ever since.

In the latest census produced by the AVA for 2016, the UK vending market is worth £1.53 billion and has 4.54 billion vends per year. Having been manufacturing here in the UK for 25 years, RPC Tedeco-Gizeh are uniquely positioned to have an overview of the UK market. From our South Wales factory we produce over 3 billion cups and capsules for hot and cold drinks every year.

The RPC brand is the known for having best quality product on the market today.


Our UK vending product range consists of; 7oz squat and Tall and 9oz in white, mocha, mocha white and brown white.

We’ve been pretty active in new product development as well, ensuring we continue to offer a wide range of vending and drinking cups to meet our customers’ needs. We are also a major producer of single-serve coffee capsules.

And in an increasingly regulated world, we have kept up-to-date with all the relevant certifications for our industry – ISO 9001:2008, ISO 50001 and BRC-accredited to A-grade standard.

In the days when people decry the lack of UK manufacturing, we have been a consistent presence. In fact we are the only plastics drinks cup manufacturer in the UK.

We’ve made sure we remain consistent in our commitment to customer service during our 25 years – helped by a loyal and hard-working workforce, some of whom have been with us from the very beginning.

There’s a lot to celebrate this year in Kenfig, but it will certainly be with an eye on the future. Plastic cups remain the UK’s most popular vending format – and with environmental concerns a major focus for most businesses, the cups’ energy-efficient manufacturing process, their light weight which reduces the carbon impact of transportation, and their recyclability all give them a very positive sustainable profile.

Plastics will remain the material of choice for vending cups – and RPC Tedeco-Gizeh will continue to produce them. It’s always good to have a bit of consistency in changing times!

The RPC Group is now a truly global company, with 194 operations in 34 countries and employing over 24,900 people. RPC has expertise in all the main plastic conversion technologies. We serve six packaging and nonpackaging sectors, food, non-food, personal care, healthcare, technical components and beverages.

RPC Group plc is committed to incorporating sustainability into our overall business strategy and to helping our customers achieve their environmental goals. Plastics have a strong environmental profile. All polymers are lightweight, durable, low carbon and recyclable. All plastics are recyclable and can be used for a variety of valuable second-life applications.

Plastic PS vending cups from RPC Tedeco- Gizeh are 100% recyclable, and as a member of the Simply Cup collection and recycling scheme we encourage our customers to recycle and do their bit for the environment.


The deal will see RPC Tedeco-Gizeh produce plastic vending cups in a variety of sizes for NIVO members throughout the UK. The company has been a preferred supplier to NIVO for many years and the latest extension underlines the strength of the working partnership between the two businesses, and the quality of product and service from RPC Tedeco-Gizeh, as Graham Kingaby, Managing Director of NIVO explains: “We have always been impressed with the reliability and ease of use of the RPC Tedeco-Gizeh cup ranges, which makes them the No 1 choice for our members,” he comments. “We are delighted to have secured another recordbreaking deal with the company.”

Nigel Cannon UK Sales Manager for RPC Tedeco commented “We have been privileged to supply our range of vending and drinking cups to the NIVO Group. Increasingly our customers are benefiting not only from competitive product pricing but also from the total support and after sales service that RPC Tedeco-Gizeh provides to the UK market. Extending the contract demonstrates our commitment to supporting the group and further building a partnership to move the business forward. We look forward to working closely with the NIVO Group members to ensure the successful development of the contract.”




Scobie McIntosh is a family business with a proud tradition of providing specialist support to the foodservice industry since 1885. Originating in the Bakery industry with equipment, service and utensils being specialist areas, the business diversified into the broader scope of foodservice during the middle 1950’s, and today we manage over 60,000 machines nationwide across 5 sectors – Bakery, Catering, Coffee, Vending and Refrigeration!

Service is the backbone of our business, our core strength and the area where we believe we will add value to the NIVO membership. We are independent of any national or international conglomerate allowing us the ability to work successfully within the many areas of the industry without being conflicted or seen as competitive! Years of developing relationships within the industry means that today we work in parallel with a number of British and European supermarkets, International hotels brands, pub groups, coffee roasters and independent operators predominantly in the UK however beginning to expand into central and Eastern Europe.

Our National Operations centre near Gatwick is responsible for managing and supporting our varied customer base in all sectors and each discipline – service, equipment, logistics, asset management and finance. Our specialist team of over 70 full time engineers, supported by our workshops and refurbishment divisions and incorporating some of the industry’s best technology ensures that we offer consistency and timely responses to our customers. We believe that in developing the relationship with our customers we are able to allow them time and flexibility to drive their businesses whilst we maintain, manage and report with informed and accurate data ensuring maximum suitability and uptime of equipment. Within the centre our team will also calculate cost of ownership ensuring transparency over periods of time, full traceability of customer equipment through our logistics and asset management, both assisting in the forecast of aging estates and capital exposure.

Our journey has been successful through the generations because our customers have believed, trusted and at times supported us throughout the evolution of the Industry as is today. Mark Stevens, Group Relationship Director says “To be a part of a business that has travelled so far and strives to be the best at what it does in a very competitive market, is exciting, challenging and very rewarding. Scobie at its heart is about ensuring its customers are being treated, supported and informed at all times in the manner that we have been over the past 6 generations, we look forward to meeting and developing our relationship with the members over the coming months and being an intricate part of new businesses moving forward.”


We are very pleased to introduce Tom Frangoulis of T&M Refrigeration Limited.
Tom has built a successful service support business for vending operators in the North West since 2010 dealing with a number of NIVO Operator Members for refrigeration service and repairs. He offers the following services:

• Fully equipped rapid response vehicle
• Jobs completed on site
• Repair on first visit
• All sites attended within 2 working days from callout
• Weekend EMERGENCY service available
• Work completed is under warranty

Tom operates a very friendly, customer service focused business and could be a solution for many operator needs in this sector. Why not give Tom a call on 07582 193 584 or email or visit the NIVO website and search under ‘Supplier Members’ for “T&M” for more information and a price list.


Remember NIVO members receive 10% off the PLP.  Place your orders with Nestlé now for deliveries from 18th September