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Paynes Poppets - A Vending Original

Paynes Poppets – A Vending Original

It was back in 1937 that the Poppets brand began life in the Croydon factory of George Payne & Co. The brand quickly developed a widespread appeal, particularly amongst cinema audiences who were fond of the little cardboard box for its non-rustle qualities and the ease in which you could dispense single sweets into your hand in the dark. Popularity increased right throughout the 50’s and 60’s when the brand started to appear on lots of railway platforms and underground stations in new style vending machines, the price back then was 6d, which in equivalent buying power today would be around £1.67, which just proves what tremendous value for money Poppets still are!
Back to the present day and Poppets are still going from strength to strength, with growth of 11% last year. So from past to present the little carton of bitesize chocolate joy is still loved by consumers old and young and is ready to go back to its vending heritage, albeit in very different looking machines.

For more information contact: Paul Wells / Mobile: 07818595414

Poppets Toffee CartonPoppets Mint Carton

Celebrating Royal Tea – with PG Tips

On Sunday June 12th 2016, The Mall in St  James’s Park London will be transformed to create the largest ever street party, in order to celebrate The Queen’s patronage of over 600 charities and organisations on the occasion of her 90th birthday. The Patron’s Lunch will be an iconic event recognising the un-relenting support and service our Monarch has given to the community over her 63 year reign. The Mall will be the centrepiece to a truly magnificent spectacle with 10,000 guests, the majority of which will be representatives from the Patron’s Organisations, taking part in a classic British ‘street party’.
Dominic Creamer, Unilever Food Solutions National Account Executive explained ‘Unilever has joined the Patron’s Lunch for 2016 and will be one of the main sponsors helping to celebrate this fantastic event
and has selected PG tips as one of the key brand to front this campaign. PG tips have produced special promotional packs of the 1150 PG tips Pyramid Tea Bags which allow customers the opportunity to win some great souvenir prizes’.
Come along to stand 32 at Vendex Midlands on 19th April 2016 to find out more about this great event.

Royal Tea Image

New Launch – Radnor Hills

The vending market is rapidly growing and we are really excited to be a part of it with NIVO. Here at radnorhills_logoRadnor Hills we have an array of soft drinks suitable for all kinds of vending markets be it retail, vending in the workplace, leisure facilities, schools or premium vending.
We have a passion for great flavours and our drinks are made with the finest ingredients we can source and our own Natural Spring Water. We’re market leaders in school compliant drinks and can also offer mineral water in standard and premium bottles, flavoured water and sports isotonic drinks – all suitable for vending. The demand for chilled soft drinks is rising; it’s all about keeping hydrated, low calories
and refreshing drinks! This year we will be exhibiting at Vendex Shows in April + November which is the
perfect place to bring together sellers and serious buyers in the Vending Industry.
Contact: Chris Sanders on 01547 530220

Radnor Hills ImageRadnor Hills Image 2

Nescafé – The Simply Better Tin

Nescafe Tins


NIVO Supplier of the Year Awards 2015


Excalibur Premises – Refreshed!

Excalibur Premises – Refreshed!



Mars Winning Advert January 2016

Here’s ‘Bike’, the latest TV advert from Mars. Visit to savour the taste of Winning.

Fairtrade Fortnight is here!! 29 Feb – 13 Mar 2016

Let’s wake the UK up to the sad fact that many of the people behind our breakfasts don’t earn enough to feed themselves or their families.

Make your breakfast count!

How Fairtrade Supports Farmers to Feed Their Families

Meat Available 24/7

New Paris butcher’s meat vending machine.  Fancy a steak on your way home from a night out???


Click here for full story

NIVO and NIVO Supply Partners Support RNIB

NIVO were again delighted to be able to support a special day out at West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds, on 26th January, organised by RNIB and Action for Blind People. The visually impaired children, their siblings, parents and carers were able to experience a special audio description of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, sponsored by NIVO from the money raised at our auctions and raffles at recent events.  We were also able to give each child a ‘goody bag’ from the kind donations of some of our Supply Partners.

Michelle Hefferon,  Business Manager at NIVO attended the event and was able to meet some of the children.  The day began with the children dressing up in costumes from the play,  followed by lunch.  Once seated in the theatre the magical performance began included Chitty Chitty Bang Bang flying on stage to the delights of the children.  However when the ‘child catcher’ came out there were some apprehensive noises all credit to the actor!

Each child also received a memento of the occasion so that they could take a small Chitty Chitty Bang Bang home with them.

Michelle said; “We are only too pleased to be able to support this event. We look forward to being able to continue to do so with the support of our members and supply partners who help us to raise the much appreciated funds to do so”. NIVO extend their thanks to Purity, Mars, Ferrero, Barrs, ARN, Birchalls, Burts, Britvic, Fruit Bowl, Mondelez, Coca Cola, Coffetek, RPC, Tayto, Furniss, N&W, Kelloggs, Blakemore Wholesale, More Drinks, Barry Callebaut, Seabrooks and Weetabix who supported the goody bags and also enabled to support some of the the future Actionnaires events

.chitty17 chitty20 chitty22 chitty24 chitty25 goody bags

Big Chat with Monkey

Is your first choice PG tips?




Why you need your Vending Insurance

Bateman logoVend Direct Logo





We all know that insurance is a necessary evil, whether it be our car insurance or our business insurance, it always ends up being the thing we grumble about when we make the payment.
Unfortunately it’s one of those things we have to buy and no one feels they see the value of it until they claim.
To help with this, The Bateman Group has put together a handy list of things to look for when receiving your renewals or new quotation.
Does your policy include cover for…
• Your stock and machine whilst at third party premises?
• Employers Liability cover?
• Public and Products Liability cover?
• Business Interruption cover?
• Goods in Transit cover?

Also check your current excess – is this low enough to cover smaller losses of your stock? If you lost £500 of stock, will your claim be settled at £400 or £250?
A lot of us look at insurance jargon and sit helpless as our eyes glaze over, so to prevent
this from happening here are a few examples of when your policy would need to react:
• A child gets their hand/arm/self stuck in a machine because of a defect to the section they get the product from
• A leg of the vending machine collapses and falls onto someone causing injury.
• Someone breaks into one of your customers premises and makes off with all the confectionery you placed in the machine the day before.
• Your coffee machine has an issue with the programming giving a lovely cup of white coffee to a customer who is lactose intolerant.  
Insurance should respond to the weird and wonderful claims you may experience, so when you have your morning cup of tea, take 10 minutes to look through what you have covered and ensure it meets all your needs. 

By contacting one of our Vending Insurance Specialists, we will be able to provide you with a free assessment of your insurance needs, which will include checking your documentation, identifying any gaps and potentially save you money at the same time, please feel free to give The Bateman Group a call on 01926 405 881

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Top 10 Bagged Snacks in Grocery & ranking of other NIVO Supply Partners in the top 25

Top 10 bagged snacks chart


Coffee Shops Takeaway Pricing

From when we last reported pricing there has been a significant increase across the different Coffee Shop outlets with only Pret A Manger keeping a static price. For a regular Americano (9oz):

Coffee Shops Takeaway Pricing

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Metcalfe hopes for fatter future for Skinny with Diamond deal

MetcalfeSkinny_StraightMetcalfe’s Skinny popcorn co-founder Julian Metcalfe has won the backing of Kettle Chips which he hopes will help the company expand into Europe and win more listings in the UK. Kettle have got a 26% stake in Metcalfe’s who last May demerged from Itsu Grocery.

The popularity of the popcorn is growing year on year and they are now the fastest growing sub-category in bagged snacks according to IRI data. Don’t be left behind, telephone the NIVO representative TODAY – Sham Hamid on 0207 2273110 or 0788 4665887 and take advantage of the current promotion on Rice Cakes. 


Grab some good energy to go from your vending machine with 9BAR!

Healthier snacking is now officially mainstream and as more people aspire to improve their diet and lifestyle, healthier snacking will play a big part in this.9BAR_LOGO_CMYK

Consumers are looking for products and brands that fulfil the demands for a healthier lifestyle, whilst also being fun and engaging. 9BAR is routed in supporting consumers whilst “on the go” in a way that is tasty and genuine and gives them good energy!
Protein and the natural ingredients required to keep you feeling full are certainly noticeable trends driving demand for healthier snacking, and seeds are a great way of achieving this.
9BAR is all about providing good energy from super seeds with every bar containing sunflower, pumpkin and hemp seeds plus other only natural ingredients for slow release energy and to keep you feeling fuller for longer. What’s more since the rebrand not only has 9BAR been given a bold new look, every bar now has reduced sugar, reduced saturated fat and is now high in fibre as well as being gluten free and wheat free.
But, with 9BAR you get more than just good taste and nutrition… We’ve teamed up with UK clean energy charity SolarAid who provide solar lights to some of the world’s poorest communities, so you now get ‘Good Energy, Twice’ because every bar sold equals a night of light for a family in Africa who would otherwise rely on dirty dangerous kerosene lights.



Ford Cars – Low C02 & BIK figures!

Ford Oval

A lot is going on with the Ford car range, with new products coming through and improved CO2 emissions and fuel economy being one of the key drivers for Fleet operators.

Click here to see the wide range of compact and mid-sized cars Ford can offer, demonstrating the low CO2 emissions and the BIK figures for company car drivers.


9Bar Super Seed Heroes!


Ford Motor Company- New 2016.5MY Stage VI Transit & Tourneo Custom


Waterlogic to acquire PHS Waterlogic in the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands

Waterlogic to acquire PHS Waterlogic in the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands – January 12th 2016

Click here for the full story on this exciting news for Waterlogic,-2016/

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