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Vauxhall Statement - Emissions

Vauxhall Statement – Emissions

The current emission issue and its aftermath are causing ripples far beyond the automotive world. We know that you, our customers, have some very relevant questions and we can answer the most pressing one: our GM designed software has no features that detect that a vehicle is undergoing emission test cycles. Both at GM as well as at Vauxhall and Opel.

Allow us to summarize how we deal with the topic of emission management in general.

We would emphasise that GM has processes in place to proactively ensure robust emission compliance. This is done by global and regional compliance strategy review boards. These global processes ensure that our products comply with all vehicle emission regulations applicable to the markets in which they are sold.

 We are committed to the robust emissions compliance of all our vehicles. We expect our employees to be informed and act legally and ethically, without exception.

Also, it is important to understand that what has happened with one of our main competitors does not mean that there is a general problem with diesels. We are among the leading companies for modern diesel technology, targeting the lowest pollutant emissions. Modern diesel drivetrains are key to achieving future European climate protection targets. The Euro 6 standard, which has been binding for all new registrations since the beginning of this month, protects both the environment and consumers. 

We know that there is a lot of discussion about moving from the current emissions testing to new, more stringent consumption tests (World Light Vehicle Test Procedure) and exhaust measurements on the roads (Real-world Driving Emissions regulation) to reduce the differences between the test bench and the roads in the future. We are an active participant here on all discussion levels and once the new regulations are in place, we will of course comply. 

We take this discussion very seriously and we consider it a matter of great importance that we are open and transparent in this matter too. We will continue to put the customer at the centre of everything we do and listen intently to our customers’ needs.


Wolverhampton Seminar & Raceday 13th October 2015

Our fourth and final Seminar, Networking and Racing Event of 2015 took place at the Wolverhampton Racecourse on Tuesday 13th October 2015.  A total of 23 Supply Partners enjoyed an afternoon meeting with 14 NIVO Members.  The day proved to be very successful for building relationships and talking business.  This was followed by Nick Norris from SuzoHapp, Roger Heap from Jura, George Thomas from Aimia, Kevin Reed from Siemens and our very own Graham Kingaby all speaking about a selection of different subjects within vending.

Early evening consisted of a three course meal with special thanks to Aileen Armour from N&W for sponsoring the drinks. Further networking between our Supply Partners and Members continued and to top it all we also had some winners on the horse racing!

A very big thank you to all our Supply Partners for making this happen and our NIVO Members for making our seminars a successful part of the NIVO calendar.

Watch this space for news on our 2016 events.

Cheaper Diesel is NOT the issue

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Diesel prices lower than petrolCheaper diesel makes comparison between diesel and petrol vehicles increasingly complex, but that misses the key issue in fleet procurement according to The Fuelcard People. Steve Clarke, group marketing manager, has pointed out that day-to-day fuel pricing is not the main factor to be considered.

“Pump pricing is a red herring,” he said, “because nobody need pay that much. Whether a vehicle runs on diesel or petrol, most should be refuelling at up to 4p per litre below pump prices with fuel cards. Whole-life costing, or total cost of ownership, has to be the key issue in vehicle comparisons.”

He was commenting on the news that diesel remains cheaper than petrol on most forecourts. He said, “Diesel became cheaper than petrol this summer, for the first time since 2001. Better mpg figures for diesel might suggest an obvious choice, but that misses the point. Unless you consider every cost during a vehicle’s lifetime, any comparison will be meaningless.”

Steve Clarke advised that fleet managers should take into account road tax, servicing, maintenance, repairs, tyres and other consumables. “You have to keep track of everything spent through a vehicle’s life with the fleet,” he said. “It is the only way to make meaningful evaluation of one vehicle against another. It also puts you in a more powerful negotiating position when procuring future vehicles.”

Bothwell Bridge Seminar 20th August

A fantastic Seminar and Networking event took place at Glasgow on Thursday 20th August.  Our 22 Supply Partners enjoyed a morning meeting with our 24 NIVO members and listened to a selection of different subjects within vending.  A lively debate ensued on the structure of a ‘cup of coffee’ and which ingredients makes the difference.  Coffeetek, N&W, Jura, Nestle Professional, Laqtia (milk) and Aimia put their thoughts across together with our members and as a group we discussed whether consumers prefer powdered milk over fresh milk.  There were lots of different views aired and no real conclusion as it may depend on the site (retail/office) and environment.



The afternoon consisted of a lunch and further networking getting to know our suppliers our members, most of who had attended before.  The race meet at Hamilton was fun with quite a few winners and the weather held.

Thank you to all our Supply Partners for making this happen and our NIVO Members for making our seminars a successful part of the NIVO calendar.

Our next Seminar is on 13th October in Wolverhampton and we look forward to seeing you there.


From Steven Jervis of The Elaychitea Company –


From Dale Bellis of Nice Pak International Limited-

Just wanted to say thanks for a brilliant couple of days, really enjoyed myself and met some nice people along the way.

From Michael Evans of Seabrook Crisps-

It was an excellent seminar. You team’s efforts were more than clearly displayed and from my point of view it was exceptionally well organised and I managed to get the very most out of it on both a business and personal level.

Sometimes, with all tradeshows, exhibitions and seminars, it can be very difficult to internally justify costs based on the return. With this one, I have managed to gain valuable feedback from a number of customers, including getting a great lead to follow up on and on a personal level, it was a fantastic social networking event.

Once again, many thanks to you and your team for organising such a worthwhile event. The hard work and effort that goes into organising these events is sometimes overlooked, on this occasion though, I don’t think that will be an issue!



Sunshine and showers at the NIVO Business Networking & Golf Day

NIVO returned for a fifth year to Oulton Hall, Leeds on Tuesday 7 July to hold their NIVO business networking and golf day.

NG&BND 2015 (85)The day was attended by 74 golfers eager to show off their skills and even more eager to avoid getting caught in the rain with umbrellas at the ready! The brief showers did not dampen the fun and excitement as everybody enjoyed the chance to network , build relationships and create business opportunities. After the final hole there was time for a well-earned drink in the Claret Jug. Then followed an evening of great food, loud laughs and fabulous entertainment, once again, as in previous years, sponsored by Nestlé Professional.

After the guests had enjoyed the food and wine, the winners and runners up were presented with their prizes. Congratulations go to Ian Mitchell from Mars who was the individual winner and David Johnson of Tayto, Craig Holt of Northbridge Vending, Oli Millson of Millson’s Vending and David Laurie of Tayto who were the winning team.

The combined charitable efforts of all those present on the night raised over £2000 for the RNIB, the Point Foundation and EdUKaid. Graham Kingaby, NIVO MD said “As always, I want to thank all our many sponsors for their support in ensuring this event continues to be a massive success and grows in value each year. Once again the NIVO team have done an outstanding job with the organisation. We aim to keep our standards high and will shortly begin preparations for our 2016 event.”

RNIB Cricket & Fencing Tournament

2015-05-16 15.10.47

A great day out was had by the youngsters that benefit from one of the NIVO nominated charities.  Michelle went along to join in and have some fun.

“The day raised lots of money and the children ranged in ages from the youngest watching, aged around 1 years old to 17 years.  Guides helped the ones who were more severely visually impaired but I did not hear one child complain.  They were delighted with the snacks and drinks that I managed to take along which was supported by some of our Supply Partners and they have nicknamed me ‘The snack lady’, so I need to ensure I am always well armed!  I would like to extend a thank you to the NIVO Supply Partners that never fail to let us down when we are supporting these types of events.”

EU clears Mondelez, DEMB coffee joint venture after sales

DE Master Blenders

May 5 (Reuters) – The European Commission said on Tuesday it had approved a joint venture between two of the world’s biggest coffee processors, Mondelez of the United States and Dutch firm DE Master Blenders, conditional on asset sales.

Before creating the joint venture to operate as Jacobs Douwe Egberts, Mondelez will sell its Carte Noire business across the European Economic Area (EEA) and DEMB will sell its Merrild business across the EEA and license its Senseo brand in Austria, the EU executive said in a statement. (Reporting by Alastair Macdonald; @macdonaldrtr)


NIVO Seminar @ Kempton Park – 21st April 2015

A fantastic Seminar and Networking event took place at Kempton Park on Tuesday 21st April.  Our 20 Supply Partners enjoyed a morning meeting with our 17 NIVO members and listened to a selection of different subjects within vending.  A lively debate ensued on the structure of a ‘cup of coffee’ and which ingredients makes the difference.  Coffeetek, N&W, Crane, Jura, Masteroast, Laqtia (milk), Aimia and Benders put their thoughts across together with our members and as a group we discussed whether consumers prefer powdered milk over fresh milk.  There were lots of different views aired and no real conclusion as it may depend on the site (retail/office) and environment.  See our facebook page that was updated live as the Seminar progressed.

The afternoon consisted of a sumptuous lunch and further networking getting to know our new suppliers Ignacio and Alfonso from Laqtia who supply vending ingredients and our members who have not attended before.  The race meet was fun with quite a few winners and the weather was wonderful!

Thank you to all our Supply Partners for making this happen and our NIVO Members for making our seminars a successful part of the NIVO calendar.

Our next Seminar is on 20th August in Glasgow and we look forward to seeing you there.


From Nick Norris of Suzo Happ –

Just wanted to send you and Michelle a big thank you for the excellent organisation of a great day on Tuesday at Kempton.

It was a most enjoyable day and I got a couple of good leads which made it all the better!

From George Zorzy of GMG Vending –

Thank you to you and all the team for hosting the roadshow. 

It is much appreciated.

From: Catherine Rose of Oasis Products –

Thank you very much for hosting the event.  The feedback from my team was excellent.




The Vendies

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Launched in 2013, the Vendies (formerly the Vending Industry Awards) is now in its third year. The event will return to Manchester on Wednesday 1 July 2015, at the Hilton Deansgate after the second day of AVEX. The Awards are the perfect opportunity to actively promote your business in front of a targeted, highly engaged audience in the vending and water sectors.

With the event deadline approaching, organiser Datateam Business Media urges manufacturers, suppliers, operators and individuals to enter themselves for this prestigious set of awards

Celebrate your achievements and gain invaluable industry recognition!

vendies statue

Vendex Midlands 2015

NIVO attended Vendex Midlands on 14th April at The Motorcycle Museum in Solihull.  Hundreds of visitors attended and it was a great networking event.  Don’t miss the next event in Manchester in November.


See the NIVO Facebook page for photos

RNIB Family Weekend supported by NIVO

main pic

Michelle (NIVO Business Manager – pictured in the middle) had the pleasure of spending last weekend (28-30 March) in Windermere with families spending some quality time experiencing varied activities.  They were also joined by ‘Pip’, a trained guide dog who enjoyed a wonderful walk around Grizedale Ridding Wood Trail which included some innovative ‘chimes’ that had been installed by an Art project team some time ago.  There were remnants of ‘The Gruffalo’ characters and wonderful carvings of sheep and deer.  Despite the weather everyone enjoyed the atmosphere and calm of the forest.

A ‘splashing’ time was had by all in the hotel pool with the Action for Blind team providing inflatables, floats and balls.  It was definitely not a quiet time and children and adults alike enjoyed the freedom of the water.  Karen the team coordinator was ‘helped’ to join in by entering the pool fully clothed!

Kareoke time was the entertainment on Saturday night whereby Michelle felt obliged to join the Action for Blind Team in their rendition of ‘YMCA’ and was caught on video!

Michelle commented “I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend.  I met some wonderful people both sighted and visually impaired.  Nothing phases our VI friends and I found it a humbling experience but surprisingly I just had a great time amongst caring volunteers and staff where there were no preconceptions and judgements made and in fact great amounts of confidence which was infectious.  I can’t wait to start my volunteer work in April and give something back to my wider community in Yorkshire.  I urge anyone who can spare any time to do the same.”

As always a massive thank you to the NIVO members and suppliers who donate at our events to make all this possible.


NIVO Supports the RNIB

NIVO were delighted to be able to support a special day out at West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds, on 16th January for over 170 children, organised by RNIB and Acton for Blind People. The visually impaired children, their siblings, parents and carers were able to experience a special audio description of James and the Giant Peach, sponsored by NIVO from the money raised at our auctions and raffles at recent events.  We were also able to give each child a ‘goody bag’ from the kind donations of some of our Supply Partners.

Michelle Hefferon,  Business manager at NIVO attended the event and was able to meet some of the children.  The day began with the children looking at and feeling the cast’s costumes,  followed by lunch.  Once seated in the theatre the actors came out into the audience to meet the children and to again let them feel the cloth and experience the characters costumes.  The magical performance included the giant peach leaping over the heads of the audience to the delight of the children who, with their arms above their heads, managed to push the peach up each time it dropped.

In the interval Michelle had the privilege of presenting some prizes of the RNIB ‘pen friend’ to 8 individuals.  This particular item had been picked by NIVO Chairman, Michael Levi as he finds it of great use.  It is a device that labels items. When the pen is scanned over the label that is produced, it will tell you exactly what it is; e.g. ‘Black Shoes’ or ‘Brown Jacket’.  CD’s, books, lamp, in fact any item that a child needs can be labelled.  Michael, who is himself visually impaired, loves the gadget and no longer wears a purple tie with a green shirt!

Michelle said; “We are only too pleased to be able to support this event. We look forward to being able to continue to do so with the support of our members and supply partners who help us to raise the much appreciated funds to do so”. NIVO extend their thanks to Walkers Crisps, Coffetek, Burts Chips, Ferrero, Fruitbowl, Britvic, Bronte biscuits, Sweet Moments, Weetabix, KP Snacks, Barrs, Bunzl and RPC who supported the goody bags.

NIVO Announces Supply Partner of the Year

NIVO were proud to present  their 6th annual Supply Partner of the Year awards to the successful recipients, Crane Merchandising Systems, Automatic Retailing (Northern) Ltd and Siemens Financial Services at the NIVO offices in Leeds on Thursday 29th January 2015.

The winners were once again voted for by the NIVO membership through an online survey, giving the chance for those who have provided great service and customer satisfaction to be formally acknowledged by their customers. The winners of the much envied accolade were delighted to be lavished with champagne, certificates and a full Yorkshire carvery lunch. The biggest accolade of all is being recognised by the NIVO members for the outstanding work being achieved by the winners throughout 2014.

The awards included the usual three categories; Equipment, Consumables and Business Service Provider. The winners in each category respectively were Crane Merchandising Systems, Automatic Retailing and Siemens Financial Services. Congratulations go to the finalists in each category who are Coffetek Limited, 4 Aces Ltd and Vendman.

Additionally this year NIVO decided to present one of our  Special Recognition Awards.  Some years, we make a special award to a person the NIVO team believes has contributed a huge amount to the industry and the NIVO members in particular. We were delighted to award this honour for 2014 to Chris Starling of Nestlé Professional. Congratulations Chris!

Congratulations again to all the worthy winners , we hope all NIVO suppliers aim to win the accolade in 2015!

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