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Automatic Vending Insurance from The Bateman Group

SUZOHAPP P6 Series – the latest generation of cashless payment for vending


Vending machines offer convenience sales and many times consumers decide on a purchase spontaneously. A potential customer often notices a vending machine and may want to buy a drink, some food or a product on offer. Too often the vend can only take place if the customer has the right change with him or her. If there is no alternative to cash payment, then the sale is lost.

Up to 75% of consumers now carry at least one payment card with them or have a payment app available on their mobile phone. It is important that vending operators ensure these consumers can use their cards or mobiles at their machines.

Offering cashless payment on vending machines has many benefits, to name a few: improved consumer convenience leads to increased sales. Funds are transferred on a daily basis to the operator. More cashless transactions also mean less requirements to handle cash (trips to the vending machine to refill with cash or empty the cashbox and then count the takings and bring these to the bank). This reduces operator costs. Thus, fitting a cashless payment terminal can increase sales and reduce costs at the same time.

SUZOHAPP has the answer. The P6 series. Choose from two terminals – the P66 Plane (contactless and mobile) or the P68 The Arc (contactless, mobile, chip and magnetic). Therefore, all card payment methods are available. Mobile payment includes Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay.

A further benefit to the P6 series is telemetry capabilities. The SUZOHAPP CURO web portal provides access to revenue / sales data from each individual vending machine or groups of machines. Operator can easily review revenue data, seeing the number and amount of both cash and cashless transactions. In this way, the operator has clear control on the vending machine transactions.

P6 Series terminals can also provide data directly to 3rd party management software packages, allowing data to be automatically integrated.

The best things really do come in small sizes…

Lucozade Ribena Suntory’s core drinks are ‘sugar levy’ exempt…

Finer, Fuller, Golder: Introducing the NEW NESCAFÉ® GOLD BLEND®


NESCAFÉ® GOLD BLEND®, the UK’s #1 premium soluble coffee brand is reinforcing its quality coffee credentials

with a brand re-launch centred on a new and improved blend, packaging and communication.
The brand new sophisticated look has been crafted with care for the moments that matter and is presented in a brushed champagne gold look. This new look and feel spans the entire NESCAFÉ Gold range. But, the rebrand does not end there. The new soluble blend includes micrograins of carefully selected mountain grown Arabica coffee ground 10 times finer than ordinary ground coffee. These tiny grains enhance the hidden taste and aroma of the Gold Blend. After 80 years touching people’s lives every day, we continue to share our passion and craft for making great coffee.
These improvements are designed to further set NESCAFÉ® GOLD BLEND® apart from other soluble coffees, presenting vending operators the opportunity to increase footfall and grow their profits2 in the highest value segment for the category.
With NESCAFÉ products accounting for 7 out of the top 10 coffee SKU’s3, the new NESCAFÉ Gold range is built on solid foundations. The new range is available to buy in the following sizes:

• Line Code: 12339268
• 15 cases per layer
• 75 cases per pallet

• Line Code: 12339269
• 15 cases per layer
• 75 cases per pallet


Contact your local Nestlé 

Professional representative or Paul Wilson on 07799 196568 for samples and taster packs. Also, enjoy a special offer on the purchase of new Nescafé Gold Blend branded Coffetek Neo machines. Email to discuss equipment & branding offers


Golden Wonder & Pizza Hut Promotion



Easy to take part:

•  Purchase a promotional pack

•  Rewards ALL purchasers

•  Go to

•  Enter the unique 10 digit code

•  Receive notification of prize:
– Free pizza
– 25% or 33% off your food
– Free dessert or side dish

Daily winners: 14th April to 23rd June
Bonus draw on 18th September
For further details contact David Johnson on 07918 733224 or e-mail

Horizons® 3Gg from MTN Products

H2O Direct Launch new website


The long anticipated NEW website has been launched and comes after nearly 6 months of planning and hard work.

As well as an easy to use online shop, users will be able to peruse the many different products available


as well as some useful interactive tools.


In depth technical information about the different filter ranges available will be printable as well as downloadable, together with news about H2O plans and the industry in general.

Vendex Midlands will be the introduction of the new Whi Caffé Tiny from our partners Chungho Nais Co. in Korea.

This ‘all in one’ innovative machine incorporates ultra-filtration for cold/hot/ambient water with hot drink production using Italian capsule coffee/tea.

Available in 2 colours, the Whi Caffé Tiny is compact, quiet, quick and easy To use.

FREE sample of WRAS approved fittings and filters are available to PRE BOOK ONLY via (to be picked up at the show)

H2O Direct specialise in water filtration products such as carbon and Ion Exchange water filters for use on drink vending machines, boiler systems, coffee machines and POU water machines. They are distributors in the UK and Europe for Microfilter vending filters and MCM push fit parts.

Spotlight on Bunzl Catering Supplies


Bunzl Catering Supplies is part of Bunzl PLC, a FTSE 100 specialist distribution group with origins back to 1854.

Utilizing our global resource we offer customers in the catering and hospitability sector an unbeatable range of catering disposables, food packaging and hygiene supplies.

Your new Bunzl Contact: Jade Taft is a sector co-ordinator for the redistribution market-C3 and is your new contact for Bunzl Catering Supplies. Jade has been with the company for over 5 years with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

She is dedicated to a great customer experience winning Employee of the month twice for her service and willingness to go the extra mile.

Jade is a member of the Bunzl Sustainability committee and also co-ordinates charity work in the local area on behalf of Bunzl.

Our Sustainability framework:

Our People: We safeguard the wellbeing and development of our people.Putting sustainability first in everything we do, we are protecting our community and the environment.

Our Suppliers: We buy responsibly and ethically from trusted, partner suppliers. We deliver products with integrity and confidence.

Our Customers: We share what we know about Sustainability with our customers. Working together we can create a more sustainable future.

Please contact Jade at Bunzl Catering Supplies today for further information on products and services.
01827 317165

Energy meets Refreshment – Mahtay

8. Mahtay NIVO Ad Final Feb 2018

The brand new Krea Touch… It’s out there!


Yes, we know. In the bad old days, we’d make a song and dance about a new, all singing-all-dancing machine and then – horror of horrors – it would fail to turn up on time. Nett result? Disgruntled customers and, to be honest, disgruntled staff, too.

Well, dear reader, not any longer. The new Krea Touch from Necta, whose arrival we heralded just before Christmas, is here. In fact, it’s not only ‘here’, it’s ‘out there’: it’s been delivered to the first tranche of customers who asked for one to go in their showroom and it’s already turning heads; just as we promised it would.

And why not? If you’ve been on the look-out for an appealing, high-tech coffee solution – at an exceptionally competitive price – then the brand-new Necta Krea Touch, from EVOCA may well be what you’ve been searching for.

The first thing you’ll see is that this is one seriously attractive machine with a cool, contemporary appearance that’s created by a subtle fusion of decorative lighting, chrome frames and black gloss surfaces. You can’t look at it without having the urge to touch it and use it, which means of course that it has more potential than most to increase your beverage sales…

A spacious drinks delivery area consolidates the up-market HoReCa feel of Krea Touch. It reinforces the consumer’s first impression – that the drinks on offer are genuinely top quality – thereby allowing operators to command premium prices. What’s more, its attractive, user-friendly interface ensures consumers enjoy a particularly pleasant purchasing experience, time after time. With Krea Touch they’ll be back for more; that’s for sure.

The wide touch screen can present a comprehensive drinks menu and it facilitates easy branding and customisation, not to mention recipe and video management.

Krea Touch is compatible with all current payment systems, so it can be assimilated easily into your existing product portfolio. Better yet, both the machine’s hardware and its software are the same as those that have performed so faultlessly in the Wittenborg 9100, so no steep learning curve for you – or your field engineers.

So, if you don’t have a Krea Touch in your showroom yet, give us a call and let’s see if we can’t put that right. It’s the perfect excuse to invite your customers over for a coffee…

For more information, please visit

T&M Refrigeration – Keeping us cool…


Vending equipment is a significant expense – and admittedly, it can sometimes go wrong. Refrigeration units are technically complicated, but necessary in a chilled vending machine. So who do you call when they go wrong? Look no further than T&M Refrigeration.

Billed as a family-run vending machine repair and servicing company with over 10 years refrigeration experience. The business was founded in 2007 by qualified refrigeration and air conditioning engineer, Thomas Frangoulis, and now offers a nationwide service. Qualified and specialising in the repair and servicing of all types of vending machine refrigeration and small commercial fridges.

If you follow Thomas on social media, you will regularly see posts in the early hours of the morning where he has fixed a refrigeration unit before many other people have had their first coffee!

T&M Refrigeration already work for many Vending Operators who are very happy with the results.

• Fully equipped rapid response vehicle
• Jobs done on site
• Repair on first visit
• All sites attended within 2 working days from callout
• Weekend EMERGENCY service available
• Work done is under warranty

If you have any queries or would like more information, contact Tom on 07582 193584, or go to the website

NEW – Kellogg’s Special K Protein Bar

Nestlé confectionery case size changes


In order to maintain product freshness of some of their single lines, Nestlé are reducing case sizes in Quarter one, 2018. This will result in case sizes moving from 48 or 36 count to 32 or 24 count. The details of these changes are available via your Nestlé Account Manager.

We will also be undertaking changes across our sharing bag range to improve design and functionality of our bags and cases. This will result in some case sizes moving from 12 to 8 count and some reductions in pack sizes. These changes are in line with category demands and we continue to ensure that our bags remain competitive in the marketplace. The details of these changes are available via your Nestlé Account Manager.

Please be aware that this is phase one of the changes and some products will change at a later date and some products due to technical restrictions won’t change at this time.

If you have any concerns or queries please raise these with your Nestlé Account Manager.


Double Wall Paper Cups from Dispo


The new White Double Wall Paper Cups Black Double Wall Paper Cups Barista mixed design Double Wall Paper Cups are now in stock.

In 8oz, 12oz and 16oz sizes these new Double wall disposable paper cups keep your hot drinks hotter for longer, while remaining cool enough to hold comfortably.

In Matt Black, White and Barista designs featuring 4 differing Cafe culture themes mixed throughout each sleeve these cups offer high insulation against hot liquids. This means there is no need to use a sleeve.

Our high quality double wall paper cups can be custom branded with your logo/design.

Please contact Shaun Richards on 07599 123383 or email for samples and pricing

What’s better than 3 Jaffa Cakes?

Nebrak have upped a gear all ready for 2018!

Nebrak have upped a gear all ready for 2018!

With 2018 upon us Nebrak have made Tom Howard the Operations Director.  Tom’s appointment compliments the investments Nebrak have made during 2017 and will continue with in 2018.

From new joinery machines to print equipment Nebrak are keeping their place in the Vending & Catering markets as a “go to” company.

The Nebrak Micromarket is not only competitive but stylish and effective.

Nebrak Micromarkets are:

  • Designed in house
  • Built in house
  • Graphics in house
  • Installed by Nebraks own fitters
  • A complete service with NO outside agencies

Nebrak have Coffee Towers that come with a 3 year warranty as standard.  Constructed from powder coated steel, the 3 year warranty can be extended to 5 if required.

The Nebrak range of vending and catering furniture comes in a massive array of finished that will suit all environments.  Vending furniture is only part of why Nebrak continues to be a leader.  With a full canteen and restaurant design and build service, caterers and operators can tap into the wealth of experience Nebrak has.

Nutella B-ready – Elevenses with a smile


Ensure you stock NEW Nutella B-Ready, a uniquely delicious snack, to help put a smile on your face and tide you over til lunch.

Thanks to its light, crunchy wafer shell, creamy Nutella filling and puffed wheat crispies in an individually wrapped bar. All for fewer than 120 calories.

Available now from Automatic Retailing Northern Limited

NIVO Launch – Froosh. Fruit: Bottled…

NIVO Launch – Business Doctors

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