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Discover FordPass Connect

Discover FordPass Connect

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Discover FordPass Connect

The FiestaNew EcoSportAll-New Focus and New Transit Connect can be specified with FordPass Connect, with more vehicles being added in 2018 and 2019. FordPass Connect takes your car to another level of connectivity, unlocking a whole range of new features for your fleet. Once paired with the FordPass app, you’ll enjoy:

Up-to-date traffic information

Get the latest traffic information sent directly to your car’s navigation system with Live Traffic*. Traffic flow and incidents like accidents or roadworks are monitored as they happen, 24/7. So you’ll always find the fastest route to your destination.

Remote control features

Check whether your car’s locked and lock/unlock the doors remotely, all using your smartphone. If it’s a Focus with automatic transmission, you can even start the engine remotely so it’s safely defrosted when you’re ready to go.

Confidence in your next journey

Make sure your Ford’s ready for the road ahead by checking fuel, tyre pressure, mileage information and more, all before setting off, all using the FordPass app.

On-board Wi-Fi

Stay connected wherever you are with your own Wi-Fi hotspot**, featuring speeds of up to 4G LTE for up to ten devices. Each vehicle comes with a 3 month or 3GB free trial, so you can discover how mobile working works for you best.

How it works for a Fleet Manager

FordPass Connect is a cellular modem which enables your Ford to connect to a network, much like a mobile device with a SIM card. The modem is fitted at the factory, and connected before delivery. This gives the user a seamless experience when they link their vehicle with the FordPass app.

The SYNC system keeps the driver in control and as connected as they want to be. The driver can set preferences for their vehicle at any time, including what Connected Vehicle Information is shared with Ford. They can do this under ‘Connectivity Settings’ by tapping the icon, or via SYNC settings.

While drivers are in control of their connectivity, as a Fleet Manager, you have the option to take control too. Find out more about what data is shared, how FordPass can be used, and what options are open to you if you want to limit your drivers’ connectivity, in our Q&A document.

*Live Traffic is free for the first 2 years following the purchase of a new Ford featuring SYNC 3 with navigation; thereafter a license fee is payable.

**To take advantage of the built-in Wi-Fi hotspot capability, a 2018 Ford vehicle must come with the appropriate hardware, and a wireless service plan is required. The on-board modem will be connected at the time of vehicle delivery. Data coverage and service is not available everywhere and terms of your wireless plan, including applicable message and data rates, may apply. You may choose to opt in/opt out of certain data sharing. Please see for more details.

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