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Food for thought.

Food for thought.

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Food for thought.

We know that the UK snacking market is changing. Health is shoppers greatest concern. Traditional Chocolate and Sugar confectionary is in decline whilst Better for You snacks continue to grow as shoppers seek alternatives to traditional confectionary.

BUT… having visited vending operators up and down the country throughout 2018 I would like to propose a question!

How do you decide which snacking bars to stock in a snack vending machine?

Price, rate of sale, margin, revenue, brand support, category and consumer trends, vend ability, perceived consumer value, nutritional profile, NHS compliance, consumer profiling, demographics, vending data analysis, client asks for it! I’m guessing that the answer for the vending outlet operator is that ‘it depends’ and ultimately is a combination of important factors.

As well as looking specifically at NHS ‘compliance’ I wanted to take some time to consider two other factors of which are ‘occasions’ and consumer considerations; opportunities that I feel are somewhat overlooked but can unlock new consumption opportunities.

The breakfast opportunity

How many vended sales do we make in the morning versus lunch time or the afternoon tea break?

With today’s busy lifestyles its little wonder that food to go and on the go breakfast foods are growing. I’ve taken a morning train recently myself and noted with interest that the vending machine on the platform stocks only traditional confectionary bars and Crisps, not a choice I am likely to make at 7am! Kellogg’s is a brand synonymous with breakfast and our Nutri-Grain Fruity Bars have a soft golden baked crust made with wholegrain wheat and oats, and a Strawberry, Apple or Blueberry filling. It offers a quick, on the go breakfast and with its recent re-branding and VAT exempt credentials, represents the perfect solution.

Consumer profiling.

How many sales do we make for men versus women and do we reflect this dynamic in our range?

I was somewhat surprised to discover that Women aged between 25-45 make up 61% of Cereal bar sales. In 2018 Special K’s ‘Powering You’ campaign celebrated the power of women in everyday moments of life. The 35g Special K Protein Cereal Bars, packed with Nuts, Seeds and Almond butter, 14% protein and 149 Kcal per bar feels like it delivers against the opportunity but please read on!

NHS and ‘Compliance’

I see that vending operators are reacting at a varying pace to the macro consumer trend of a shopper who is more often making a ‘heathier’ choice. We know that legislation is shaping range across NHS and other Government estates specifically, and there are there differences between legislation in England, Scotland and Wales. All things considered, from the outlet operators’ perspective, healthier and compliant products need to be sensibly priced and deliver rate of sale and margin which can be the real challenge.

The great news is that Kellogg’s Better for You range, including Squares, Nutri-Grain and Special K Protein bars are all under 250Kcal thus complying with the basic CQUIN guidelines in England.

Furthermore, Special K Protein Blackcurrant and Pumpkin Seed bars are compliant against the healthy living award product compliance checklist (Scotland)… ‘compliant compliant’ you might say.

Our full range is available to order via Automatic Retailing and Blakemore, I shall be out in trade and look forward to meeting with as many vending operators as possible in the coming weeks to present our range and samples. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or queries.

Alex Tye (Kellogg’s)

For more information contact Jem Collins,
07976 595625

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