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International Vending week #IVW

International Vending week #IVW

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The vending industry turns over approximately £1.5 billion in the UK annually and is benefitting from rapid technological change. To champion this dynamic market and communicate some of the exciting innovations happening within the industry, Vendex is launching International Vending Week 23-30 October 2019.

Phil Reynolds, Director of the biannual Vendex vending trade shows and founder of International Vending Week comments:

“Having been a part of the vending industry for decades I am acutely aware of the changes in distribution, technology and machine manufacture that are contributing to the vibrancy of this sector.

“Vending can suffer from a legacy perception of poor quality hot vends and frustrations at scrambling for change but today’s is far removed from this. Cashless payment systems and a selection of customisable coffee options on a par with high street coffee shops are just two areas where change has been significant and made the industry what it is today; a competitor to the high street and a major player in the ‘grab and go’ food sector.

“International Vending Week is a celebration of significant improvements across the vending industry worldwide and an opportunity to raise the profile of vending. We have support from vending associations across the globe including Europe, Asia and North America, are compiling case studies from industry sectors using vending such as travel, education, corporate and healthcare and are conducting a survey of both vending users and vending suppliers. We have a webpage dedicated to International Vending Week with details of all the activity.” International Vending Week begins on the 23 October and culminates in the Vendex North exhibition which is being held for the first time in the Centenary Pavilion at Leeds United Football Club on Wednesday 30 October.

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