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Michell's news and views

Michell’s news and views

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Michelle’s News & Views

Last month saw a wrath of activity, from the Boris Johnson’s Parliament suspension case to Airlines threatening strike action. There was also more news on plastics involving toys that are given away with children’s meals. Burger King have stopped the popular sales tactic and also gone a step further. They are working with a company that makes goods from recycled materials and will have collection bins in all stores. M&S are defending their position of giving away miniature replicas of its most popular food items with every £20 spent. And McDonalds have plans to move to offer the option of swapping the toy for fruit if customers wish.


Other news that biodegradable plastics could actually INCREASE sea pollution because they are dumped in rubbish tips where they don’t break down comes as no surprise to the vending industry. We, as an industry have been trying to explain to MPs, consumers and anyone who will listen that there is no closed loop system and that a product that is biodegradable usually needs chemicals to break it down which you can only facilitate at an equipped disposal site.


‘Cash is King’, is also no longer a phrase that can be used as we see consumers’ credit card spending and debit cards have overtaken our notes and coins. As most of you will know, we work with Suzo Happ and Nayax to provide a cashless solution. Details are on our website, but if you need any further information, please contact one of the team and we will put you in the right direction.


In other news: Cybercrime – strengthen your defences! Did you know that 2 billion data records were compromised in 2017 and more than 4.5 billion in the first half of 2018 alone? There are 4 new malware samples created every second. Only 65% of all URLs are considered trustworthy. Phishing attacks are more targeted and dangerous. They are only online for between 4-8 hours which makes it more difficult to identify. These risks can cause irreparable damage and as you know with the new GDPR legislation any breach of data has to be reported within 72 hours. The steps to take are:-

  1. Develop a strategic plan for cyber resilience.
  2. Engage leaders across the business (not just IT).
  3. Communicate, educate and engage all staff.
  4. Don’t over engineer your plan.
  5. Get buy in from the board – define the risk.
  6. Invest
  7. Share a clear and logical roadmap.

Lastly I look forward to seeing you at our Wolverhampton Seminar on Thursday 3rd October.

Michelle x

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