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Beat the Heat with a chilled Nescafé®!
It’s coffee, but not as you know it.

While there are many ways to beat the summer heat, we at Nestlé Professional like to cool down over cans of cold coffee. A hot coffee is still very enjoyable during the summer months, but there is something completely different about enjoying smooth refreshing coffee infused with nitrogen.

Crack open a can, and the refreshing sound that occurs as the nitrogen is released not only builds anticipation before the first sip but also offers a unique, smoother and creamier tasting drink as the nitrogen infuses through the coffee.

Ready-to-drink coffee products are worth £66m to the UK and growing by 20% year on year. Add to this the fact that the UK iced beverage market is estimated at £338 million and you can understand why Nestle Professional launched this brand new product for coffee fans as one of its biggest evolutions for 2018.

Perfectly timed for the summer, Nescafé® Azera® Nitro is best served chilled and comes in Americano and Latte flavours. The Americano is a refreshing and smooth black coffee infused with nitrogen, while the Latte – a milky drink with coffee – offers a smooth and creamier tasting option.

Non-alcoholic beverage options are increasingly important for the UK consumer, especially younger generations. Nescafé® Azera® Nitro means Nestlé Professional® can help vending operators make the most of these changes with our novel, attractive and great tasting chilled coffee drink.

For the month of August only, you can buy one case and get another free for all deliveries in August whether you buy direct from Nestlé Professional® or from Automatic Retailing Northern! So then what are you waiting for? Contact your Nestlé Professional sales representative today!


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  • Alton | Aug 25,2018

    Thanks to the terrific manual

  • Lauri | Sep 3,2018

    Thanks, it is quite informative

  • Gordon | Oct 22,2018

    It works quite well for me

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