A Miracle – Thanks to everyone who prayed.

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Whether you are religious or not Miracles do happen!

We are delighted to pass on some fantastic news!!

One of our longest loyal members, F M Taste (Full Munchy) is owned by Martin and Anne Marie Kilgallon. You will have probably met Martin at our NIVO Business & Networking Annual Golf Day Event where together we have helped raise money for  The Whole Autism Family that Martin and Anne Marie created to help others with children who have Autism.
Martin and Anne Marie have just endured the hardest few days both emotionally and physically that any parent could.   In Martin’s own words, this is what happened on Friday 17th April in the back garden: 
Really upset to say that this evening Tolan had a seizure in the hot tub and went under the water, unresponsive and not breathing we got him out and commenced CPR managing to get him breathing. He has had a CT scan which shows swelling on his brain, he is unconscious and on a ventilator. He will be transferred to the intensive care unit at Leeds. The doctors have advised us he is stable , but are unable to advise whether he has been further brain damaged. Thanks, Anne Marie we took a paediatric first aid course. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers , we really need your help. Keep the faith.
Immediately family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances from all over the world lit candles each night to show their support and encourage positivity so that Tolan would fight through this.
By Sunday night (just 2 days later) the family were told that there was not much they could do and the LGI resident priest came and gave Tolan his last rites.
On Tuesday 21st April Bishop Marcus prayed for Tolan in a live stream service from Leeds Cathedral.

Then just 3 hours ago Martin posted this: 

What a difference 24 hours can make ! 💙💙💙💙

We have just spoken to Martin and Tolan is not totally out of the woods and the family are waiting to see results of tests on his brain and there are still some concerns.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep lighting the candles and sending the family your positive thoughts and words.


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