NIVO stands for National Independent Vending Operators

We work with circa 250 operators and 80 supply members

Mission Statement

We aspire to perform and achieve at the highest possible level in the services we provide for Operator Members, Supply Members & Associates

NIVO was originally established over 30 years ago (1988) as a purchasing group for small and medium-sized regional vending operators. By working together they found they could buy better and compete on a level playing field with the large, commanding international companies who dominated the market. In this, NIVO was very successful.

Now, decades later, NIVO has over 260 Operator Members and an additional 60+ supply members who continue to work together and compete successfully. Of course, since 1988, many things have changed, including consumer tastes, legislation, health factors, service expectations, environmental concerns and even payment methods (to name just a few) but the benefits for regional British companies engaging together are still significant. Perhaps more so!

NIVO has therefore also changed. While purchasing related matters continue to play an important part in what we do, the needs of our Operator Members have led us to develop our many and varied business services. In fact, that is now the greater part of what we do – Provide a range of business support services for independent regional vending operators –  and not just for them. Supply member needs have also developed over the years and our in-depth knowledge of the people and markets associated with our Members means we can offer a vast and varied marketing and support programme to bring all interested parties together.

NIVO are sponsor partners to the biggest annually held independent vending exhibition – VENDEX 

General administration and support is dealt with at our head office, where the team are always on hand to assist and facilitate your needs.

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